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John Wick as a professional Hitman, decides to change his life and get back on the right path. All was well until his house is committed the attack, an unknown offender hijacked a car and shot the beloved dog, only the memory of the deceased spouse. Man falls into a rage from the incident, he did not intend to tolerate, it develops a thirst for revenge. Craziest began chasing the hero for posmevshim to invade his life nedobrozhelatelem. He pursues a potential enemy to the New Yorker, there he acquainted with the ringleaders of criminal business, which offered him a deal. After John broke the secret code of the Guild, it expelled from the gang and he becomes an outcast in society. Moreover, for the capture of the hero of the comic not assigned price, fourteen million dollars, whether dead or alive, but it must be delivered to the leader of the group. Many dream cut easy money, thanks to Wick, the most courageous and professional assassin, who in the past were colleagues of John hunt for his head. Whether the man alone to confront bloody crack or so and will hide all along deserted places.

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