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Attention viewers appears history "movie in movie", camping on E. in the center of the Aoyama is the film crew, members which decided issue picture about zombies. Typing colorful actors, makeup artists qualitatively worked on the appropriate makeup, but very soon people will realize that hours of work were wasted, because on the site there were ... real animated corpses. The undead, pulled together by the noise of the production, first pleased the operators with the quality of the costumes and paint, but after a moment it turned out that the flaking pieces of flesh are far from fake. And now the crew will have to survive during the invasion of living corpses and try not to confuse them with make-up actors. What is the solution the characters come up from such a dangerous situation? The audience expects a sea of blood and laughter, because the acting characters will get into such ridiculous situations that you wonder how they still have not been eaten.

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