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Final Portrait

A story about a decline of life of one of the most prominent artists of the XX century - Alberto Giacometti.

Paris began the 60th, Alberto Giacometti is surrounded with recognition of colleagues, the interest of the mistress and jealousy of the wife. Withering over the income and tired of predictable life, the artist finds rest in James Lord's company - the critic posing for it. The planned portrait is not ready also in two weeks: two spend much time together, discuss art and work, breathe fresh air of the city on Seong.

6.3 3177


The husband of the dying woman desperately clings to any chance to save the beloved. When the technological company addresses it with the offer to present it the second chance, the man immediately agrees. But the result does not meet expectations, and now heroes are torn apart by doubts that there is a humanity and whether the updated Amelia has the right to be called the person.

5.8 11147

My Name Is Lenny

Lennie McLean grew in an adverse situation — the stepfather constantly beat and humiliated the boy. Already adult he everything cannot get off ghosts of the past in any way and splashes out children's offenses in street fights. And to wave fists at Lennie it turns out very well, and he decides to be involved in underground fights.

6.4 2272

The Most Hated Woman in America

A story about progress and tragic crash Madalin Murray O'Khayer, won scandalous glory thanks to active fight against church. Having begun with performances against reading the Bible at schools, Madalin founds the movement "Atheists of America" and causes hatred in most of the compatriots.

6.1 3159

I Am Heath Ledger

Life story of the popular Hollywood actor Heath Ledger who died at the peak of the career

7.4 4900

England Is Mine

Movie about the beginning of a career of the outstanding singer Morrissey and The Smiths group.

5.9 1868

Loving Vincent

Movie about life and mysterious death of Vincent Van Gogh.

7.8 34502

6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain

After the termination of outstanding sports career Eric Lemark, the Olympic champion in hockey, cannot live without adrenaline any more. Now it finds the drive in drugs and a snowboard. When the ski patrol (California) closes all routes because of the approaching storm in mountains Mammos, Lemark decides to make the last descent and it appears in a deadly snow trap.

5.7 3996

Crown Heights

On April 10, 1980 on streets Kraun-Hayts the shot which caused decades of judicial proceedings in search of justice sounded. Colin Warner was arrested for crime which did not commit. He fell a victim of deeply rotted through system where nobody wishes even to listen to the defendant. Innocently condemned Colin gradually loses hope for a positive outcome, and his best friend Karl King devotes the life to fight for Colin's freedom, without giving up for long years.

6.4 1325

Chasing the Dragon

1963. One collective farmer decides to flee from communistic China to the corrupted and selling Hong Kong forever to exchange work in the field for a profession of one more street bandit. For the sake of bright future and a piece of bread the persistent illegal immigrant agrees to enter war between criminal clans.

6.8 2559

All the Money in the World

Around the world it was not richer than the person, than Paule Getty. To belong to its sort — all the same what to be god. However, when in Rome unknown kidnap his grandson, the oil tycoon, to general shock, flatly refuses to pay repayment. And then the mysterious security service specialist of Getty becomes the only hope for mother of the boy …

6.8 52217

The Greatest Showman

Phineas Taylor Barnum always dreamed to become history, but all his occupations didn't bring him pleasure. And when, appear, the whole world has turned back against him, he decides to go after the dream. Barnum creates fascinating representation sensation which became the birth of world show business.

7.7 162613

The Disaster Artist

Story about creation of the movie "Room" (2003) widely known as standard of dull cinema. The beginning actor handsome Greg on actor's courses meets excentric Tommie Vayso. New friends have some of general, except love to a pretense and desire to self-express therefore the couple goes to submit Hollywood.

7.4 98264

Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House

The movie about the main link of the most juicy scandal of the XX century "Watergate" which has led to premature resignation of the president Richard Nixon. The identity of the person transferring to the press accusatory information to the head of state long time has been shrouded in a secret and established only 30 years later after his own recognition. The shocking tall tale based on real events about life of the brilliant and uncompromising Deputy chief of FBI Mark Felt who has offered everything — the family, the career and the freedom that the world has learned the truth.

6.4 7693

Viceroy's House

In 1947 lord Mountbatten receives a post of the last viceroy with an assignment to transfer India back to her people and occupies the best floors of the mansion belonging to the British governors while 500 Hindu, Muslim and Sikh servants huddle in the lower part of the house.

6.7 4895

Victoria & Abdul

Having ascended to a throne at the age of 18 years, Victoria became the queen of Great Britain, Ireland, and later and the empress of India. Among uncountable citizens of a crown there was a handsome Abdul Karim. Having appeared, apparently, from nowhere, he has turned into very influential person at court. He was envied, against him spun intrigues, and their relations with the queen discussed not only in England, but also around the world.

6.8 22308

My Friend Dahmer

The senior Jeffrey Dahmer suffers from the pulling divorce of parents, absence of friends and attention. And really, who will want to be on friendly terms with the strange young man who selects on the road of dead animals, dissolves them in acid and watches that there at them inside. But once Jeffrey makes up the mind to a desperate step — to draw attention with a silly trick at school. To his surprise it works, and now the guy has friends.

6.3 8743

Borg vs McEnroe

Unperturbable Borg against quick-tempered McEnroe. Persistence against obstinacy. Fight of two opposite characters movable, however, one purpose — to be the best!

7.0 17383

Rebel in the Rye

A story about how the Holden Kolfild was born, the hero of the novel "The Catcher in the Rye", cult for many generations, and as his author — Jerome Salinger — became the most great writer of America who has chosen surprising destiny.

6.6 5090

Thank You for Your Service

A story about three veterans of the Iraqi war who come back to the USA, but can't join peaceful life again. Survivors in the firing line, they find themselves under blow of own memoirs capable to ruin them even in native walls.

6.5 8632

Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool

A story about relationship between the beginning actor Peter Turner and Gloria Graham recognized as a film legend. Having received the hopeless diagnosis, Gloria goes to Liverpool, to the parental house of the young lover where all his family tries to brighten up the last days of the dying star.

6.7 5220


The movie tells about two days from Winston Churchill's life. The British prime minister arrives in Normandy to convince allies to rely on the operation "Overlord" during which the second front in World War II will be open on June 6, 1944. But he has some supporters in this question. How to convince other politicians of the correctness? What to adduce arguments?

6.3 11457

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

The Harvard psychologist doctor William Moulton Marston was exposed to frank criticism for creation of the feminist superhero, but as the background to everything served his private life with the love relations with the wife Elisabeth and the mistress Olive, juicier, than any ever the adventure written to them.

7.1 15094

Goodbye Christopher Robin

The picture will tell about relationship between A.A. Milne and his son Christopher Robin whose toys have inspired the writer on creation of the magic world of stories about Winnie-the-Pooh.

7.1 16200

The Case for Christ

The convinced atheist applies the professional skills to disprove Christian belief of own wife. Finally his efforts result in the unexpected result capable forever to change the course of his life.

6.1 5838

Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story

Accused in 2400 V of electricity, Eduardo Garcia has lost a hand, edges, mass of muscles and almost his life, but more important, than what he has lost - what he has found.

7.3 194

American Made

He was the most young pilot of Boeing 747 in the USA, and in several years became one of the richest people in America. His lifestyle was so extreme, as well as his business. The closed receptions, magnificent blondes, abrupt wheelbarrows and risk transactions. He had talent to make money from air.

7.2 117790

Megan Leavey

Of Libya send to Meagen to group of cynologists where she gets acquainted with especially aggressive dog Rex and gets chance to be engaged personally in his training. During joint service Meagen and Rex have performed more than 100 tasks. But the got severe wounds at explosion have threatened their further destinies.

7.1 17301


History of Jeff Bauman, one of participants of tragic events on the Boston marathon in 2013 who has lost as a result of explosions of both legs.

7.0 28729


The group of friends goes to the impassable jungle of Bolivia in search of exotic impressions. However when the conductor disappears and friends remain in private with the wild nature, the travel which has begun as an amusing adventure turns into fight for survival.

6.7 31648

The Music of Silence

Given rise with serious violations of sight which as a result have led to a blindness, Andrea Bocelli became the great opera singer, having overcome all difficulties on the way to recognition and glory. But the silence lesson remained the most important lesson of life for it.

6.6 642

Tom of Finland

History of a course of life of the Finnish artist Touko Laaksonen known around the world the gomoerotichesky drawings. Also the movie tells about the attitude of society towards homosexuals in post-war Finland and the USA.

6.8 3505

The Pirates of Somalia

In 2008 Jay Bakhadur dreaming to become the journalist on the advice of the skilled colleague goes to Somalia to write the book about this country. He has no concrete plan, but, as they say, first time lucky — and already the guy shakes hands to the president of the country and interviews the Somali pirates.

6.8 5960


His manners, persistence and magnificent sense of humour have at first sight subdued unapproachable Diana. After the wedding newlyweds go to a travel where Robin is seriously ill. And now only the love is capable to present him the second life …

7.1 12766


The movie will tell about the bright page in the biography of Tergud Marshall, the first Afro-American in the ranks of the U.S. Supreme Court. At the beginning of career he gets a contentious case about the black driver accused by the rich rabotodatelnitsa of sexual attack. Young Marshall unites with the beginning Jewish lawyer that during an era of racism and anti-Semitism to make a startler in protection of the rights and equality of citizens.

7.2 12379

Battle of the Sexes

Rivalry history between the 55-year-old champion of Wimbledon Bobbie Riggs and the 29-year-old tennis-player Billey Jean King. The legendary match which has taken place in 1973 has brought together more than 50 million Americans near screens and has proved that professional sportswomen are capable to compete with male colleagues as equals.

6.7 37943

The Zookeeper's Wife

Real story of a brave feat of inspectors of the Warsaw zoo Yang and Antonina Zhabinskikh who have harbored and kept life more than to 300 Jews during the II World war. The daily risk and danger are complicated for Zhabinskikh by relationship with the former friend of the family, and nowadays high-ranking Nazi official Lutz Hek in love with Antonina.

7.0 28199

The Glass Castle

The girl grows in a dysfunctional family of nonconformists nomads. Her mother is an excentric actress, and the father — the alcoholic. Parents try to give hope to her children's imagination somehow to distract attention from poverty.

7.1 19863

I, Tonya

It was necessary to the American figure skater Tonja Harding hardly: at first the heavy childhood with terrible mother, then heavy youth, early marriage with the easy rider and failures at competitions because of the estimates underestimated by judges. And then there was a scandal: during the major competitions the idea to intimidate the competitor goes not according to the plan …

7.5 115021

The Wizard of Lies

Berney Madoff's history — the businessman who has constructed the world's largest financial pyramid and has disguised her under investment fund. Madoff has been sentenced to 150 years of imprisonment, and his illegal activity has turned back accident for all family.

6.8 17189

The Man Who Invented Christmas

After series of professional failures the young writer Charles Dickens decides to write also on own means to release "Christmas Carol".

7.0 5674

Only the Brave

A story about the team of the firefighters under the name Granite Mountain Hotshots who have faced in Arizona one of the most killing fires in the history.

7.7 37053

All Eyez on Me

The unknown hidden behind newspaper headings and flashes of cameras history of the person who has become a rap legend and the dead in the 25. The truth how the black native of a ghetto, the participant of shootouts who was repeatedly brought to court and launched deadly war a record labels becomes the real voice of streets and one of the most influential performers in world rap culture.

5.8 17103

First They Killed My Father

The history Un Loong, the Cambodian writer and the human rights activist remembering horrors which she has experienced at the time of board of the killing Khmer Rouge.

7.2 8803

Darkest Hour

The story is about the first and crucial step of Winston Churchill as Prime Minister of Britain, received power in emergencies. The successes of the Nazi army unsettled British community, but despite the pressure and fear of other politicians, Churchill refused to go on agreement with Hitler.

7.4 115604

Cocaine Godmother

The life story of Colombian drug Lord Griselda Blanco. On her life path Griselda faced many difficulties, not only in business, but also in the family. However, this did not prevent her from becoming one of the largest criminal authorities of the state of Florida 1970-1980-ies.

5.6 1431

The Polka King

This tragicomedy tells the good and true story of the rise and fall of Polish emigrant Jan Levan, from the purposeful shop owner in the 70's to the undisputed leader in the early 90's. Levan pursued the American dream by any means necessary, robbing investors and bribing officials, he was able to build a personal musical Empire. And it became known worldwide as the Polka Ponzi scheme...

5.9 6987

Molly's Game

Molly Bloom called Princess of Poker. She has built the most expensive underground Casino in Hollywood. Every minute here went all-in pinup, sheikhs, billionaires. Big money smell blood. How to survive when you hunt, the mafia and the FBI?

7.5 101139

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