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Action happens in the nineties, in the middle of ethnic criminal wars. Freddie, the teenager who ran away from the house and on combination of circumstances was on night streets of Los Angeles one. She should use all the cunning that without money to reach the meeting place with friends and not to fall a victim of shootouts.

4.6 385

Just Getting Started

Duke, once brilliant lawyer of large criminal groups, being under the program for witness protection, lights on a magnificent country house of Capri, organizing freaky celebrations of life for the guests and turning everyday life into bright Jazz. Once on the Christmas's eve on a country house there comes the brutal ex-FBI agent Leo and overturns everything upside down. But, as it appeared, everything only begins: after Leo on a country house the guys from mafia having old tooth on Duke and Leo are brought up. The party will be frying!

4.3 4075

Woody Woodpecker

The hyperactive woodpecker enters opposition with the city lawyer who wants to build the house on the place where there lives Woody.

4.2 2299

68 Kill

Chip's problem is in what he cannot just tell "no" to beautiful women. This its weakness leads to big problems when he agrees to help the girlfriend to steal 68 thousand dollars.

6.0 3051

Pitching Tents

1984. In the simple working town the senior Denny costs boundaries of two fires: father and school consultant. The first designates it life just working, the second insists that the guy went to college. For now the decision is not made, Denny is expected by the last party with friends which will place everything on the places.

5.0 268

Monster Family

At powerful Dracula's will all family Uishboun faces "monstrichesky" problems: mother turns into the vampire, the father — into Frankenstein, and their children — into a mummy and the werewolf. Now they have to rally to defeat the lord of darkness and again to become not only people, but also a close-knit family.

4.7 2748

Killing Gunther

In the world of professional murderers there is the rating, and at its top there is somebody Günter. Nobody knows how it looks and where to find it, but it is absolutely precisely known that it is better not to contact it. The killer Blake decides to correct hierarchy and at any cost to destroy legendary Günter for what gathers a team of mercenaries from all over the world — the hacker, the blaster, the daughter of the terrorist, freaky twins from Russia, the Chinese specialist in poisons and even the murderer with a bionic hand.

4.7 7988

Different Flowers

In day of the wedding the bride Millie throws the groom at an altar and goes to a travel which will change her life.

5.2 381

Going in Style

Old friends Willie, Joe and Al, despite the retirement age, for the first time decide to curtail into lives from a just way to return the pension savings. The elderly Trinity oppressed by payment of accounts and prospect to appear at the end of life without penny decides to risk everything and to commit robbery of the bank which appropriated their money.

6.6 61013

Home Again

Single mother's life from Los Angeles unexpectedly changes when she allows three guys to live at it.

5.8 20162

Cop and a Half: New Recruit

Beyond the years the clever child and the police officer unite to catch the dangerous criminal

5.6 469

Tragedy Girls

In the small sleepy town there is nothing to be engaged, and nothing occurs. Almost nothing, except the serial killer who is active in the district in a mask. Two girlfriends senior pupils, his big fans, keep the video blog about murders. Girls manage to catch the maniac and decide to arrange entertainment to themselves and to people around — young psychopaths begin to kill all who are not pleasant to them. What you will only not go for the sake of likes and subscribers to.

6.0 6124


The wedding day of Rob Anderson turns into "Groundhog Day" which will repeat again and again until the ill-fated groom reaches a wreath. The problem is that every time Rob wakes up on an elevator floor, without clothes and in unconsciousness, and prior to a wedding there is only an hour …

5.4 12797


Actions are developed in 1995 in New York. Two sisters, Dana and Elie, began to suspect of treason of the father. At this moment they realized that their measured family life begins to fall. For the first time the elder sister Dana who is recently affianced and feeling remorse because of own incorrectness feels affection for the younger teenage sister of Elie. Together they try to get to the truth, without disclosing a secret of the mother, at the same time opening for itself new sides of love and relationship.

6.4 3279


The movie tells about couple which decided to try the relations with other people before officially deciding to spend the rest of the days together.

5.3 2481


Story about problem hair, teenage age and socially awkward family members. About vital turns and badly made wigs. About obstacles for daily survival.

5.5 1268

Speech & Debate

The disappointed with hypocrisy of trustees, teachers and school council, indescribable trio moves off in searches of the general truth and force themselves to hear, having recovered the disappeared school club and having shown itself to the world.

5.9 993

The Son of Bigfoot

The ordinary teenager by the name of Adam moves off in searches of the long ago gone father and gets to an adventure of mythical scales. Its heaven and earth is moved upside down when it turns out that in it blood of the last legendary keepers of the wood — bigfoots flows. Now such abilities as the superspeed, vivifying touch and an opportunity to understand language of animals are open for him.

6.1 3625

Band Aid

In the center of a plot — the young couple, whose life passes in infinite quarrels after they endured an abortion. Having almost despaired to return the happiness, they make up the mind to an unexpected step and create rock group, splashing out all collected experiences in a song. Perhaps, only music can save their marriage.

6.6 4007

Little Evil

Gary marries the woman of the dream — the beauty Samantha. She considers well-loved by the ideal husband and the potential father for the five-year-old son Loukas too. Only the boy so does not consider. He does not talk to the stepfather and in general behaves strange — looks a wolf, is not on friendly terms with other children, and around it constantly there are accidents. Gary even went for collective therapy where stepfathers share the problems and complain of little little devils, but Gary's problem is far more serious: his stepson is Antichrist.

5.7 14496

The Boss Baby

This history relevant at all times for adults and children is told on behalf of the seven-year-old brother of the newborn — the visionary Tim who is jealous him of parents. But the main character — not the so ordinary child, he has leader inclinations, already wears business suits and in everything sees a business challenge.

Once Tim learns about the preparing plot which purpose is destruction of love, and the director of the company of "Puppy Co" organized it. But one Tim cannot stop it. The boy should unite with the "unloved" brother to save parents and to return an order on Earth.

6.3 86153

The Night Watchmen

The favourite of Baltimore the clown Blimpo went to tours to Romania and there died under mysterious circumstances. He comes back home in a coffin which is mistakenly delivered not to that address — to office building. During this night shift duty security guards, besides eating of donuts, viewing of a porn and card play, will have one more interesting occupation — they should beat off hordes of blood-thirsty vampires. Blimpo will suit fun to all city.

5.3 1522

Brigsby Bear

"Adventures of a bear of Brigsbi" — the children's telecast shot for the one and only viewer: James. When transfer suddenly stops, James's life changes forever, and he decides to finish history independently.

7.4 12295

Tim Timmerman, Hope of America

Tim Timmerman is the president of school council and absolutely basic fellow, Tim raves receipt in Yale University and after training, to stand in senator, but its dispersion and irresponsibility lead to the fact that Tim is suspended from the president's position. His dreams fall suddenly, but on the horizon there is a brand new opportunity – the competition "Hope of America", and it is concrete what is necessary for Tim.

5.5 257

The Female Brain

The movie is devoted to a question of internal work and difficult chemistry of a brain of participants of five couples at different stages of the relations.

5.6 1627

F*&% the Prom

Maddie and Cole were unseparable friends, but in high school of Maddie became the most popular girl at school, and their communication stopped. So far once Maddie did not find the guy kissing her best friend. The heart-broken girl falls into loneliness. Strangely enough, it pulls together her with Cole again, and old friends agree together to destroy the most important competition in popularity — final.

4.3 3184

Undercover Grandpa

When Jake's girl is missing, he is come to the rescue by his grandfather with the army friends.

5.1 1137

The Lovers

Many years of the spouse have to each other no feelings and both have lovers on the party. And here, practically on the verge of a gap, between them the new passion suddenly flashes.

6.1 2481

The Hero

Once Li Haden was an entertainment star, and his songs became the real hits. He enjoyed wide popularity and basked in glory. But since then there passed many years, and now Haden passed into the category of the growing old stars. In spite of the fact that it still has devoted admirers, and it is considered a gold voice of generation, his life not such interesting any more and bright as earlier.

Trying to diversify somehow the life, Haden regularly meets the partner in a scene. Together they smoke a grass and remember days of former glory. Haden wants to change nothing, but suddenly learns that he is suffering from cancer, and it was necessary to live to him not so much as it would be desirable …

6.5 6117


The capable senior pupil Dani Barnes loves dogs and dreams to come to prestigious veterinary college. But once her life abruptly changes that everything threatens over what the girl worked so hard.

5.2 3713

Ingrid Goes West

History of the mentally unstable girl Ingrid who maniacally watches a star of social networks Taylor Sloun, admiring her "ideal", paraded life. Ingrid goes to Los Angeles to be closer to the idol, and girls even become girlfriends.

6.6 24381

Please Stand By

The young woman having autism runs from the nurse to submit the manuscript on a competition of writers.

6.7 6402

The Truth About Lies

The former employee of CIA, continued the career in the political sphere. He has to find out that he really happens in the jungle of one of "the banana republics" of South America. According to some information, there is massacre and to oppressions from local population. The main character, will help to learn politicians the truth...

5.2 326

Crash Pad

Stenslend, the gawk and the hopeless romantic, believes that he found true love in the person of the beauty Morgan. However for it the young lover — only a way to revenge the dissolute husband what that answers with an equivalent coin, having begun loose barchelor life … in Stenslend's house.

5.7 1932

The Square

"Square" — the new exhibit of the Swedish gallery designed to cause attacks of love and altruism in citizens. At least, the curator Christian with appearance and a dolce vita of Marcello Mastroianni so conceived: the colleague, an art party, girls — all is crazy about him.

But when steal a wallet and phone from Christian in broad daylight, he sits down in the Tesla and is let in an adventure revenge. First playful punishment of pilferers leads to consequences which will force Christian to forget both "Square", and its precepts.

7.3 39002

The Bachelors

Bill Pat lived many years with the beloved wife and now it is very hard for it to realize that she does not exist any more. He decides to move with the son the teenager to other city to leave the house in which everything reminds of the loved one. Having shipped things in the car, they went to Los Angeles, hoping to begin new life there. The former fellow student of Bill promised suit his son in good private college. Having arrived to the new place, the father with the son buys the first pleasant lodge and all start with a clean slate. Next day the guy meets new schoolmates, but he just should understand that this educational institution differs in cruel rules and the increased physical training which not everyone can sustain...

6.8 2140


The housewife Jill Hart is on the verge of a nervous breakdown — the husband seldom stays at home moreover and changes, children in a penny do not put, treat mother as to servants. The woman even wanted to hang herself on a chandelier, but nobody even paid attention to the fallen-off lamp. And then one day Jill vanishes. And it is found in own cellar — on all fours, without clothes, and it communicates now only bark and growl.

5.0 1243

The Wilde Wedding

History of the elderly actress Eva Wilde which in the past was a legend of Hollywood. Having endured several loud novels and stains, Eva on an old age of years prepares for a wedding again.

5.0 1200

My Little Pony: The Movie

The king Shtorm wants to deprive of a pony of magic and takes Kanterlot. Under the threat all Ekvestriya's future! To stop the villain, ponies leave the native land and go to the travel full of miracles and dangers. They should conquer magic mountains, to plunge into the underwater worlds and even to appear by the flying piracy ship!

6.1 4717

Daddy's Home Two

The father and the stepfather, Dasti and Brad, unite to organize an ideal Christmas holiday for the children. But them hardly the reached neutrality appears under the threat when to grandsons there come an old school macho daddy Dasti and the sensitive and emotional daddy of Brad. They as it is impossible by the way to turn Christmas on dreadful chaos.

6.0 40719

Rise of the Footsoldier 3

All know how history ended, but nobody and concepts has as began...
In epicenter of events the familiar character by the name of Pat Tate appeared already much. The serious, brutal man does not take prisoner. It has the improbable skills allowing it to kill people with ease and also steel character and lethal charisma. Such person could not but join the underworld of Essex constructed on violence, blood and severe laws. Pat promptly came to gangster success, but, as we know, there everything lasts long not: today you are a king, and tomorrow – full zero. Our hero is set up, and he gets to prison. That on whom he also dared to think betrayed him! There is no Tate's rage a limit, and he knows that he will surely settle accounts with mean scoundrels that sent him for a lattice, and fatten on freedom. Corrupt reptiles will receive the! The healthy fellow prepares for long-awaited release fearlessly to return to Essex and to organize all a party under the name "Punishment"! It should pass a hard way before it returns former glory and influence, but there is no place to hurry to it, revenge is a dish which is served by cold. In case of this gangster – a dish that is pushed in the throat to everyone who will become on its road...

5.6 894

The Star

The little brave burro by the name of Bo works at a mill, dreaming to break loose and to see the world. And one day his desire is granted! Бо sees extraordinary bright star in the sky and decides to go on the way which she specifies. It is waited by surprising adventures and a meeting with new friends among which there will be a lovely lamb, a pigeon joker and even a Trinity of camels. The speckled group of travelers should become involuntary participants and witnesses of the most magic and wonderful event - Christmas.

5.9 4056

Cars 3

Meet the best-known racer of all times, a legend of a racing track McQueen's Lightning!
The hero still continues to show the best results on all tournaments, however victories come to him not so easily, and the competition becomes tougher. McQueen's lightning is waited by fascinating adventures where he will meet new friends and also will understand that not only the speed and power of the motor do the racer by the champion.

6.8 51996

The Lego Batman Movie

Gotham is threatened by danger again. And on its guards there is the only hero whom this city — the Batman deserves, an alter ego of the billionaire Bruce Wayne living in the huge family estate together with the butler Alfred. But this time the superhero is forced to take in the guy's workmates by the name of Dick Grayson whom he, that without remembering, adopted on one of secular receptions. Newly made Robin will keep Batman the company in fight against his sworn enemy Dzhoker who ran away from lunatic asylum Arkham and also Harley Kuinn, ready for the most mind-blowing crimes to dupe of all "League of Justice", including Betgerl.

7.3 105983

A Dog's Purpose

Dogs are different breeds, colors and the sizes. They are our most loyal and devoted friends, and we teach them to good manners. Dogs always think of us, however, sometimes and of bacon. All of them see off every day and meet us at a threshold in confidence that so far to them is whom to lick and to love, in their life there is a sense.

7.0 48216

Austin Found

Having been tired of ordinary life, the woman thinks of becoming a celebrity. But everything goes at all not according to the plan when her quick-tempered former flies from coils.

5.2 509

Pork Pie

The trios of casual criminals travel around all New Zealand in the yellow car Pass, protesting and pursuing the lost love while the group of police officers pursues them.

6.4 1447


The FBI agent, the specialist under cover and to an okhmureniye of women, receives a new task — to make internally investigation in the Californian road patrol. The gang on high-speed motorcycles plunders collector cars, and FBI suspects that they are helped by someone from the. The new identity of the agent under cover is called Frank Poncharello, and now it patrols roads of solar California. In workmates he gets the basic beginner and the former motorcycle racer John at whom without tears you won't look — the guy has transferred a heap of operations therefore can't live without anesthetics.

6.0 33472

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