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Signature Move

The thirty-year-old Pakistani Zeynab lives in Chicago with the mother obsessed with television. Once Zeynab falls in love with the brisk and clever Mexican Alma, and now she should find the place in life, love and wrestling.

5.8 310

Killing Hasselhoff

When affairs go well, any gets used to live at the high levels, spending a certain quantity of money. But there is a moment, financial stability gradually disappears, leaving former habits in expenses. Inevitably it is necessary to lend money then, there, it becomes easily, confidence in tomorrow is firm and payment seems insignificant. It is a pity, it is necessary to realize once that debts accrued the unreasonable sums, and creditors were tired to wait, give it is necessary much and extremely quickly. The main hero, the owner of fashionable night club faces a similar problem. He should take very extraordinary measures for an exit from a tickler.

4.3 1737

The Little Vampire 3D

It is a story about the little vampire Rudolph — the thirteen-year-old boy whose family is pursued by the malicious vampires hunter. Once Rudolph meets the ordinary boy, Tony, the peer. Tony is crazy about ancient castles and terrifying stories about vampires therefore he without deliberating offers Rudolph the help. Now this couple is waited by cheerful and improbable adventures and opposition with the vampires hunter.

5.4 816

Tad Jones: The Hero Returns

Tad, not the most successful and dexterous researcher and the traveler, and his oddish friends among whom the real mummy and a clever dog Jeff, go to searches of the spiteful rich man Jack Rekhema who kidnapped Sara. Beloved Teda found out where treasures of the legendary tsar Midas are hidden, and the villain hopes to catch them. But Tad and his team have to destroy plans of the unscrupulous rich man and release Sara!

6.1 1855

Person to Person

One memorable day from life of several New Yorkers. While couple of journalists investigate doubtful suicide, the dealer in vinyl gets involved in swindle, and the teenage girl learns the sexuality.

5.7 1153

Catching Feelings

Max works to teachers, giving students lectures. He turns each lesson into an interesting story, imparting love to a subject at teenagers. After work as evening, it together with the wife Sam goes to the African restaurant where their friends gathered to celebrate a birthday of Max. The man reads much and even itself tries to be engaged in writing of literary works. Having learned that to their city there comes the popular writer Heiner, he a little it criticizes, considering too old. In their family there were problems with money, and Sam suggests to sell the house and to buy something cheaper. Especially they have no children yet, and spouses do not hurry to bring them. Max does not wish to ask for help of the brother, the wealthy and famous actor. Together with the friend and the colleague, the man goes to a creative meeting with Heiner. Next day, Max happens upon the writer together to get drunk.

5.3 329

Where's the Money

To get money which his father hided in the cellar the black loser from a ghetto tries to get to the hostel to which still accepted only white students.

5.2 1338

Thirst Street

After heavy break in relations the stewardess Geena meets the bartender Gérôme from the Paris Club. The girl imagines that they have a passionate novel, and begins to pursue the guy.

5.9 340

The Little Hours

The young beautiful servant Masseto runs from the angered owner to the monastery under the guise of the deaf-and-dumb mercenary. The fugitive who got to society of medieval nuns hopes that he found to himself a silent haven. However actually he got to monastery of suppressed passions which with its emergence break outside.

5.8 12695

That's Not Me

Polly wants to become an actress, but all her dreams fall when the twin sister flies up on a star pedestal. Without wishing to lag behind the sister, Polly goes to failure listenings, to pain awkward appointments and objectionable work at movie theater.

5.5 445

Escape from Ensenada

In the center of a plot of a picture there are two girlfriends who decide to visit Mexico on the forthcoming vacation. But during rest they are kidnapped by members of criminal gang who expect to receive solid repayment as those blabbed out wealth of parents for girls. However villains did not consider that one of students represents the dangerous opponent. She quite skillfully handles weapon so thieves should learn on themselves that the anger of the girl who fell into a trap, but ready for everything for the sake of survival and rescue of the girlfriend means.

5.5 520

Beatriz at Dinner

Beatrice — the sensitive and betrayed to the patients nurse. After another session of rehabilitation after chemotherapy for one woman she is invited to an invited dinner in honor of celebration of the profitable transaction. Having appeared in monastery of luxury, Beatrice feels extremely awkwardly, especially when meets Dag — successful and incredibly haughty businessman. From this point pleasant evening turns into a ball of quarrels and family squabbles.

6.1 7519

A Stork's Journey

Vorobey Richard since the birth was brought up by storks and considers himself one of them. But time to migrate on the South comes. Parents are afraid that Richard will not cope with flight, and leave it at home. But the sparrow decides to prove everything that he is the real stork. He goes to Africa. On the road he starts friendship with an oddish owl and the excentric parrot dreaming of a big scene. This Trinity is started up in a desperate travel by bus, the train and the cruise liner!

5.9 1140

Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie

Friends will go to the jungle to find Arnold's parents.

7.7 1863

Sex Guaranteed

To return the ex-girlfriend, Kevin decides to refuse sex. But its vow is subjected to test when he meets fine Zeyd. Perhaps, she will manage to bring the hero out of a depression and to change his life forever.

4.7 230

Victor Crowley

In 2007 nine people were literally broken off on pieces on swamps of Louisiana. Within the last ten years the only survived Andrew Yoong continued to repeat as if this slaughter was made by awful Victor Crowley from a local legend, however nobody trusted the guy. And now the destiny returns Andrew to the place of the tragedy to push off face to face with the blood-thirsty ghost from the past.

5.6 2913


In a century of the Internet life became much more interesting, anyone can break to places and go to travel. The main character, Amy, decides to gain maximum benefit from the opportunities and to embody the dream. But at the last minute its carefully developed plan brings it, and new spontaneous decisions lead to improbable and unexpected adventures.

5.3 671

Monster Island

Once young Loukas learns that he not absolutely the person, and unusual creation. To embellish in any case: it turns out that Loukas is a huge Monster. This news cardinally changes his life. Especially offensively leaves when it turns into the monster directly at a party where a half of school came.

In search of the roots the boy goes to a fascinating and terrible travel to the Island of monsters. Adventures help Loukas to realize that it is not terrible to differ from others at all. And to find new, unusual family.

4.9 441

Access All Areas

The company of teenagers, despite of lectures and the bans of parents which are eternally engaged at work, organizes a trip on motorcycles. The purpose of friends — a musical festival and a concert of the group which is hotly loved by them.

4.6 166

El Camino Christmas

In the center of a plot — the guy who got on the eve of Christmas on a ridiculous situation. The main character is locked in shop of alcohol together with five more losers.

5.6 5343


The terrible virus fell upon mankind — infected is not able to control itself at all. The rage, lust, fear and other emotions and impulses which are usually constrained by the civilized person escape outside, but in eight hours action of a virus takes place.

Derek Cho long also worked hard to achieve a good position in major law firm. Once the colleague with higher position and strong influence sets up him before the client both before the boss, and the virus gets to the same morning in their office skyscraper. The building is surrounded, the lawlessness begins to be created inside, and Derek decides to use this opportunity to restore justice.

6.3 10810

Final Portrait

A story about a decline of life of one of the most prominent artists of the XX century - Alberto Giacometti.

Paris began the 60th, Alberto Giacometti is surrounded with recognition of colleagues, the interest of the mistress and jealousy of the wife. Withering over the income and tired of predictable life, the artist finds rest in James Lord's company - the critic posing for it. The planned portrait is not ready also in two weeks: two spend much time together, discuss art and work, breathe fresh air of the city on Seong.

6.3 3177

The Hippopotamus

The overthrown poet, the hot fan of whisky and brawler Tad Wallace receives the strange offer from own God daughter. He is obliged to go to the estate of the school friend to investigate a series of the wonderful healings which startled aristocratic family. In the center of these events there is a younger son of lord Logan — the harmless teenager with an unrestrained sexual fantasy. The burned skeptic and the cynic Tad is to expose with desire all, however the solution of "a secret without crime" leads to amazing consequences.

6.4 2678

Fat Camp

After the brash Hatch ousted from the House he has to work at a camp for fatty, which is owned by his uncle. He becomes the leader of a group of unusual kids that help him achieve personal growth.

4.5 129

Smurfs: The Lost Village

Smurfetta and her best friends the Clever man, the Bungler and the Athlete, move off in searches of the mysterious forgotten village, seeking to be ahead of the spiteful wizard Gargamel. In a way of Smurfs expect improbable dangers and dizzy adventures, but game is worth the candle, finally heroes will be able to solve the biggest riddle in the history of the existence!

6.0 14323

The House

Sara Vinchester, the successor of the well-known weapon company, lives in the grandiose building which architecture does not give in to logic, and corridors are similar to labyrinths. According to the order of the inconsolable widow the mansion is constantly reconstructed and new walls are infinitely erected. But she builds not for herself, not for the niece or talented doctor Eric Price who arrived to the mansion by her invitation. Sara builds a trap for hundreds of vindictive ghosts, and the most terrible of them want to deal shortly with clan of Winchesters.

5.6 30246

The Layover

History of cheerful and not chaste adventures of two best friends who decided to run away from daily problems to a tropical travel. But because of storm warning their plane unexpectedly changes a course, and, what is even worse, girls enter fight for one beautiful fellow traveler.

4.7 9089


The 1986th year. The best friends Harris and Reeves smoke the special grade of marijuana removed by CIA in the mode of special privacy. Next morning heroes find themselves on the same place, but understand that for one night they some inexplicably made jump for 30 years in the future.

4.8 1198

Table 19

The former bridesmaid Heloise who shortly before the ceremony is thrown by the best man by SMS decides to go to a wedding where it appears in an environment of 5 guests unfamiliar to it at the terrible table N19 nevertheless.

5.8 21175


Eccentrical Emily already for 30, and she was just thrown by the guy. Now the girl needs to find urgently the fellow traveler for a travel to Ecuador instead of the left boyfriend. Emily is possible to finish the supercareful mother on a joint trip. But instead of quiet family holiday the daughter and mother waits for it stealing. And when such different women appear together in hostages, their family relation experiences serious check for durability. Perhaps, they will become even the close friend to the friend, but only if manage to run away and survive in the jungle.

4.5 28353

All About the Money

Three loser friends decided to fly to a holiday. But only after landing at the airport of the Third World country they understand that they want to catch 25 million dollars for the most dangerous drug baron in the world, without having at the same time any military preparation.

6.1 1845


Sara addresses to clinic to recover from insomnia and nightmares, but instead every time when wakes up begins to feel disturbing changes. By means of the doctor the girl tries to return to normal life, gradually untangling knot from dreams, realities and even the tragic past.

5.1 461

The Clapper

The fifteen-minute glory destroys human life, working as the claquer at television, carrying away his girl and the best friend during a whirlpool of events.

5.1 3977

Fist Fight

When one school teacher tries to obtain dismissal of another, the last causes it to sort out the relations after classes by means of fists.

5.6 32373

The Outcasts

Having endured a humiliating joke of a thunderstorm of school of Whitney Bennet, couple of girlfriends-botanichek do not wish to leave everything as it is and to be reconciled with the situation. But whether can break the main odd fellows and losers of school a system and to adequately revenge offenders?

5.5 2781

Better Watch Out

In the house on the quiet suburban small street the nurse tries to protect the twelve-year-old boy from burglars, but soon finds out that this not ordinary invasion.

6.5 19718

Toxic Shark

Not always rest which we plan takes place exactly as we would like that. The American horror film moves the viewer to the island where there are ill-fated events. Everyone who stays in the resort dreams to find to himself couple to have a rest it was much more cheerful. However, none of them also could imagine that soon all this will turn back wild horror for everyone vacationers. All rest is spoiled by a poisonous shark who does irreparable harm, both the environment, and all those people who simply wanted to luxuriate in the elite resort. Once it approaches something, having right there produced the poison it immediately destroys that live that once it was necessary as a part of the resort. People in panic, the administration of the resort cannot develop the suitable plan in any way to save people and to neutralize a mad marine mammal.

3.5 508

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

Harold and George are fond of production of comics. They thought up the superhero — the Captain Podshtannik. The director of their school Mr. Krupp hates boyish mischief for which Harold and George are ready. But he has no proofs that they were initiators of numerous draws yet. However now they at him appeared. The bore Melvin photographed as Harold and George will reprogram his invention, the Turbo toilet bowl, and turn a serious action into entertainment for school students. Krupp wants to punish friends. And here still there is professor Puperpops which wants to deprive mankind of sense of humour. It with it is helped by Melvin and the Turbo toilet bowl increased to the huge sizes. Then Harold and George turn the director Krupp into the Captain Podshtannik. Whether it will manage to friends to stop Puperpops? Whether Krupp will be able to manage school in some drawers?

6.2 20597

Swing State

The bohemian radio host from Seattle, using the charisma on air, creates the fictitious media person who becomes suddenly famous.

3.6 255

Despicable Me 3

The third coming approaches. Superspy having many children, fatal beauty and immortal minions on the way. Prepare. They will rule the world.

6.3 83271


The lonely ninety-year-old old man known as the Lucky quietly attains the age in the small, godforsaken small town. Day by day it does the same things: has breakfast in cafe, looks houses of a quiz at TV and sits in the evening in bar. At some point the hero understands that time allowed to him in this world will end soon. Awareness of inevitability of death forces it to go to a spiritual travel and to rethink all the course of life.

7.4 12036

The Relationtrip

While all find the love around, Beck and Liam proclaim themselves singles. They decide to make exclusively friendly trip where, without realizing that, rush to the same relations from which they wanted to escape. Whether something will turn out at them, or heroes and will remain singles?

5.6 355

A Few Less Men

Continuation of adventures of mischievous English friends in Australia. This time the unlucky Trinity to David, Tom and Graham should transport through the whole country a coffin with the late friend after their plane does unforeseen disembarkation in the deaf remote place.

4.8 1108

All I Want for Christmas Is You

Young Mariah dreams to receive as a gift for puppy Christmas. However for this purpose she should take care at first of the worst dog in all the area by nickname Jack.

5.5 386

Big Bear

Joe is going to marry and organizes a barchelor party in a lodge in the forest with three best friends whom did not see long ago. But in the same day the bride throws the unlucky groom. In the upset feelings the guy gets drunk with friends and since morning finds out with the cellar of the connected stranger — for the sake of what it was thrown. This is one of mad friends decided that so Joe will be simpler to deal with the problems.

5.0 922

Espionage Tonight

In a television reality show, the created U.S. Government about spies, the audience goes to production secret tasks, but the result cannot be so simply achieved by one art fiction.

5.7 621

Abe & Phil's Last Poker Game

Doctor Abe Mandelbaum moves to nursing home together with the sick wife and strikes up acquaintance to the elderly lady's man Phil and the lovely girl Endzhela who looks for the father. Abe and Phil try to prove in all ways to the girl that someone from them - her father, facing many barriers. Whether Endzhela who her biological parents, or and will remain in ignorance learns?

5.4 168

People You May Know

In the modern world global networks are included more and more promptly into our ordinary life. The picture "People You May Know" tells a story that it is possible to find in the Internet the second I, but at the same time it is possible to lose the real face. In epicenter of a plot there is a young man by the name of Jed. In life he did not achieve any heights. He has very few friends and there is no girlfriend. All the matter is that he is afraid of real-life communication. Then the guy finds a way out in creation of the double on the Internet. It does it successful, charming and talented. It turned out simply the alpha male at whom have to will appear admirers literally from first minutes.
And Jed did not lose. On his fake character numerous fans of social networks pecked. Now he has a lot of friends and subscribers with whom is what to talk about. Only the guy has to hide carefully the real face and reincarnate in the double. And from it the quite good actor turns out. However, in the games in virtual communication he absolutely forgot about the true image in the real world of people in which he is forced to live. Whether the guy will be able to achieve popularity in communication not only by means of the computer monitor, but also in real life?

5.6 976

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