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The epicenter of the plot turns out to be a black policeman named Ron, which faithfully serves in Colorado. Once the protagonist "Black klanovca" yet to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan. In fact, members of this clan real racists, which due to the light skin can even go on the offense. Our hero was the only one in the Department who can instruct the mission. His plan, as always, is easy to ugliness. In a newspaper ad, he comes to this grouping and asks in its ranks. And it is not embarrassed that it is dark in colour.

7.6 82273

The Beautiful Ones

The gangster from family of the mafioso falls in love not with that woman. During gang issues and the partition of the territory he should apply all the abilities to save it from people whom he once called brothers.

4.4 117

Coffin 2

Tric is among five paralyzed hostages. So far the FBI agent and the former detective use all possible efforts to find them, the group of unfortunate tries to be chosen and avoid awful death.

4.2 2958

Molly's Game

Mollie Blum was called the Princess of poker. She constructed the most expensive underground casino in Hollywood. Every minute there were for broke movie stars, sheikhs, billionaires. Big money smells of blood. How to survive when mafia and FBI hunts for you?

7.5 92076

Bonded by Blood 2

Notorious "Guys from Essex" are succeeded by group of criminals, young and hungry to the power. They call themselves friends and many blood shed together, but is ready to betray each other at the first opportunity when on a game there are their personal interests.

5.9 1021

Blood Money

The resourceful businessman Miller decides to begin new life on the money stolen from the client. Everything went according to the plan while, happy-go-lucky, money does not vanish in backwoods and falls into hands to three friends, travelers in these parts. Miller will not stop before anything to return what belongs to him.

4.5 1487


The driver working for criminal groups after not really smoothly last robbery is forced to escape from persecutors in the car with the stolen money.

6.4 12960

Escape from Ensenada

In the center of a plot of a picture there are two girlfriends who decide to visit Mexico on the forthcoming vacation. But during rest they are kidnapped by members of criminal gang who expect to receive solid repayment as those blabbed out wealth of parents for girls. However villains did not consider that one of students represents the dangerous opponent. She quite skillfully handles weapon so thieves should learn on themselves that the anger of the girl who fell into a trap, but ready for everything for the sake of survival and rescue of the girlfriend means.

5.5 520

November Criminals

The teenager by the name of Eddison strongly worries because of the recent death of mother. In half a year after this incident the destiny throws up to it the next test — the unknown kills in cafe of his friend Kevin. The police write off everything for gang issues. Eddison understands that Kevin's business does not progress in any way and nobody will find his murderer. Then he, having secured with support of the girl Phebe, begins own investigation.

5.3 6187

By Any Means

The celebrity appears in a three-day imprisonment after night issue. During the investigation the police try to find out that is wanted more by the victim: justice or the publication of history on the front page of newspapers.

6.2 1604

El Camino Christmas

In the center of a plot — the guy who got on the eve of Christmas on a ridiculous situation. The main character is locked in shop of alcohol together with five more losers.

5.6 5343

The House

Sara Vinchester, the successor of the well-known weapon company, lives in the grandiose building which architecture does not give in to logic, and corridors are similar to labyrinths. According to the order of the inconsolable widow the mansion is constantly reconstructed and new walls are infinitely erected. But she builds not for herself, not for the niece or talented doctor Eric Price who arrived to the mansion by her invitation. Sara builds a trap for hundreds of vindictive ghosts, and the most terrible of them want to deal shortly with clan of Winchesters.

5.6 30246

Valley of Bones

2700. Valerian and Lorelin — space special agents who as obliges got mixed up in suspicious business and became involuntary participants of whether an intergalactic plot, whether swindle of the fancy settlers of the planet the Alpha who arrived there from various worlds from all corners of galaxies.

4.2 412

Shimmer Lake

The retrospective subject line opens history of the local sheriff who works on search of the criminals who committed robbery of bank day by day.

6.2 7816

Better Watch Out

In the house on the quiet suburban small street the nurse tries to protect the twelve-year-old boy from burglars, but soon finds out that this not ordinary invasion.

6.5 19718

Small Town Crime

The retired police officer abusing binge finds a body of the killed girl. He undertakes investigation as for the last chance of rehabilitation, however zealous search of the murderer brings the hero to so dark jungle that under the threat there are all his relatives …

6.6 7158

Gangster Land

Firefights, murders, plots, treacheries - all this an integral part of life of gangsters in Chicago the beginnings of the 30th years. The history of ascension and falling of one of the most famous gangsters in the world - Alfonso Capone, the person who kept in awe all America is shown in the same movie.

4.5 964


The former military Eddie Dickon cannot already find year work therefore it is ready to undertake any. And Eddie was lucky: there was a position of the night security guard in shopping center. And in the first change problems begin.

The 11-year-old girl is knocked on shopping center and asks about the help. She appears the important witness, and has to give evidences in court tomorrow. She is pursued by gang of bandits, and for them not a hindrance even the armored train transporting the girl. Under the leadership of the leading psychopath criminals act without mistakes and do not leave marks. This night will force Eddie to remember all that he so wanted to forget.

5.7 12127


At escape from a clinic for the insane, four teenagers kidnap the young nurse. The group of police officers led by the Texas ranger Hal Hartmen, vindictive and ruthless is started up in a pursuit of them. One of fugitives follows a way full of tragedies and horrors which will turn it into the maniac — a legend by the name of the Leather face.

5.0 14900


The story about the treachery of the family and loss of relatives deceived trust and deep grief based on real events. Kate Stenson marries the son of the influential politician and the imperious magnate Forrest Burnett, in hope for beautiful comfortable life. Together with the prince it raises two children - the native daughter Emma and the adopted son Logan of which biological family is not known to it. But fantastic life of Kate begins to fall when to the son diagnose a serious mental disorder and before it there is a task to reveal secrets of mysterious adoption. How many dark destructive secrets does the rich and influential political family keep?

8.2 59

The Vault

During robbery of bank criminals open old storage which long ago nobody used. Having opened a forbidden door, they release to the world of ghosts.

4.8 9508

You Get Me

Tyler is crazy about the ideal girl Ellie. But after one of quarrels he appears in attractive Halle's hands from other city together with whom they spend unforgettable night. The next morning Tyler learns that Ellie is ready to meet with it again and that Halle passed into his school, obsessed with the new guy.

4.6 8260

Blood Brother

Jake gets prison term, to save his friends, and his best friend Chris abruptly changes his life and becomes a police officer. Freed from prison 15 years later, Jake seeks revenge.

5.3 59

Gun Shy

The henry known as the Demon is a rock star with all that it implies. However, days of its glory remained in the past, and now the only thing what he is capable of - it is to lie and drink beer. Once he goes on the vacation in Chile, and local pirates from hopelessness kidnap his beauty wife and ask for it repayment in 1 million dollars. For Henry to pay this money how to tip to the waiter. He is already going to go to bank as the local consul who only and dreams of increase interposes in the matter somewhat quicker to leave the mossy country therefore business represents as act of terrorism. Now Henry should most make decisions and to think up how to deceive the consul and to get out the wife.

4.0 1991

Racer and the Jailbird

In the center of attention there is one of the most influential and cool gangsters of Brussels ‒ Gino (Matthias Shonarts). Once the cruel criminal suddenly begins to show tender feelings and falls in love with the rich and fearless racer Bénédicte (Adele Ekzarkopulos). The different origin and the social status do not interfere them with love, however the criminal past of Gino threatens not only his feelings to the girl, but also Bénédicte's life.

"Passion and fidelity" ‒ the Belgian-French criminal drama from the director Michael R. Roskam. For the performer of a male lead Matthias Shonarts it is already the fourth collaboration with Michael Roskam.

6.4 2610

68 Kill

Chip's problem is in what he cannot just tell "no" to beautiful women. This its weakness leads to big problems when he agrees to help the girlfriend to steal 68 thousand dollars.

6.0 3051


After collision with local morons splinters of his own smartphone get into Thomas's brain. Having left a coma he understands that return to normal teenage life is impossible because it had superabilities.

6.0 15212

Small Crimes

The former police officer stayed six years for murder attempt. Upon return home he is going to revenge, however gets to the real chaos.

5.8 5026


The movie is inspired by the history of escape of 38 prisoners of IRA from the Maze Prison in 1983 in the heat of resistance against the British power in Northern Ireland. It was the largest escape since World War II from one of the most well protected prisons of Europe. In the center of a plot of the relation between Marley and the inspector of prison Gordon. The movie in a complicated manner and dexterously shows history from two opposite sides, investigating unfreedom depths — physical or spiritual.

5.9 2168

Loving Vincent

Movie about life and mysterious death of Vincent Van Gogh.

7.8 34502

The Neighbor

The man of average years lives in the marriage reminding the stagnant swamp. But his life is changed when to the neighboring house new residents drive: attractive young woman and her aggressive husband.

5.7 6249

Going in Style

Old friends Willie, Joe and Al, despite the retirement age, for the first time decide to curtail into lives from a just way to return the pension savings. The elderly Trinity oppressed by payment of accounts and prospect to appear at the end of life without penny decides to risk everything and to commit robbery of the bank which appropriated their money.

6.6 61013

Christmas Crime Story

They say, Christmas is time of joy, gifts, magic and general love. However for police officers, statistically, it is the intense period when the crime rate just begins to read off scale...
In epicenter of events there were several people who are not connected among themselves, however actions and decisions reduced them in the uniform place in which they would not like to come to be, be on that their will. Everything began with ridiculous robbery of shop which went not according to the plan at all and led to terrible consequences. It became a starting point in a destructive way on which unfortunate characters should pass: to the police officer forced to talk, at last, to mother and to try to reestablish with her the lost communication. And also to the photographer at whom life goes to pieces, his vindictive bride, her secret lover and Santa Claus trying not to drink very much again not to come to be at the bottom of a bottle. Each character has the drama and background. But they will be reduced together in fatal evening by the Devil to decide their future. The magnificent holiday was to the heroes who did not manage to make at the right time a right choice, and forced to regret now for much...

4.4 118

Cop and a Half: New Recruit

Beyond the years the clever child and the police officer unite to catch the dangerous criminal

5.6 469


The journalist Christie Davies writes article about work of police, cooperating with the detective Rooney from department of murders. And in the first day they appear on the crime scene — the girl is hung up, and on a breast she cut out a letter. And nearby the detective Rooney finds in the building on a wall a game in the gallows and the cut-out figures which coincide with numbers of his counter and the police officer in resignation, the former detective Archer. The pensioner Archer with hunting undertakes to help with investigation when it becomes clear that in the city the serial killer is active — next day detectives find one more hung up.

5.2 8536

Tragedy Girls

In the small sleepy town there is nothing to be engaged, and nothing occurs. Almost nothing, except the serial killer who is active in the district in a mask. Two girlfriends senior pupils, his big fans, keep the video blog about murders. Girls manage to catch the maniac and decide to arrange entertainment to themselves and to people around — young psychopaths begin to kill all who are not pleasant to them. What you will only not go for the sake of likes and subscribers to.

6.0 6124

Death Note

The capable student Layt finds mysterious Death Note which can kill any whose name to enter in it. The guy decides to begin a mission for cleaning of streets of criminals. Soon the student vigilante finds out that he is pursued by the known profayler of FBI disappearing under pseudonym L.

4.6 62654

Bad Day for the Cut

When kill mother of the ordinary Irish farmer, he goes to revenge. On the way the hero should meet the criminal organization and the unpleasant truth about the past.

6.4 3178

The Hatton Garden Job

Real story about the most large-scale robbery in Great Britain. Robbers managed to take out from reliably protected bank storage cash and values for the sum of 200 million pounds. Having used the rich life experience, criminals thought up the excellent plan in which they calculated each step literally on minutes. This impudent robbery did to many noise and made all its participants "celebrities".

5.9 3371


Teenagers from the unsuccessful area are involved in drug traffic under supervision of the cruel and dangerous dealer. When to the city there comes the newcomer hiding a terrible secret, its relations with one of guys threaten all their business.

5.9 1993

Kill'em All

The unusual patient who is dying after mass firefight comes to usual American hospital. The slaughter renews when on its trace the group of the armed robbers comes. The survived witness — to the young nurse Syuzanna — should deal with FBI agents and participants of the international plot.

4.3 1574


Whether you know that one child vanishes in the USA each 40 seconds?

Karl's kogda sees how someone takes away her son, and police officers stay idle, it rushes to a pursuit of thieves. Without thoughts, without fear, without … phone. In this race against time for rescue of own child neither speed, nor risks matter.

5.9 26818

Crown Heights

On April 10, 1980 on streets Kraun-Hayts the shot which caused decades of judicial proceedings in search of justice sounded. Colin Warner was arrested for crime which did not commit. He fell a victim of deeply rotted through system where nobody wishes even to listen to the defendant. Innocently condemned Colin gradually loses hope for a positive outcome, and his best friend Karl King devotes the life to fight for Colin's freedom, without giving up for long years.

6.4 1325

Avenge the Crows

On streets of Los Angeles, old wounds, kindle revenge for the former member of gang and the young cousin.

5.2 209

Awakening the Zodiac

Mick and Zoya's married couple has a deplorable financial position — they live in a trailer, and Mick is interrupted by accidental side jobs. Once to them old films which are removed by the famous serial killer Zodiak fall into hands. That was active in the late sixties in San Francisco and was not caught. Having seduced with an award in 100000 dollars, they do not carry a film in police, and together with the friend containing a pawnshop try to find Zodiak independently.

4.8 1351

Chasing the Dragon

1963. One collective farmer decides to flee from communistic China to the corrupted and selling Hong Kong forever to exchange work in the field for a profession of one more street bandit. For the sake of bright future and a piece of bread the persistent illegal immigrant agrees to enter war between criminal clans.

6.8 2559

Bullet Head

Even at the most winning game different options of end are possible. Experienced criminals, trying to clean a police warehouse on aiming, there is in a trap with a furious sentry dog by nickname De Niro. The happy final seems more and more illusive …

5.3 5238


The cop with communications in underworld suits a round-up in night club in search of the kidnapped son.

5.6 23457

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