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Bomb City

About cultural hostility to group of punks in conservative Texas. The further their fight against hatred comes, the more she reminds a parade of violence and cruelty, calling into question into moral foundations on which the American justice keeps.

6.9 4722

Rise of the Footsoldier 3

All know how history ended, but nobody and concepts has as began...
In epicenter of events the familiar character by the name of Pat Tate appeared already much. The serious, brutal man does not take prisoner. It has the improbable skills allowing it to kill people with ease and also steel character and lethal charisma. Such person could not but join the underworld of Essex constructed on violence, blood and severe laws. Pat promptly came to gangster success, but, as we know, there everything lasts long not: today you are a king, and tomorrow – full zero. Our hero is set up, and he gets to prison. That on whom he also dared to think betrayed him! There is no Tate's rage a limit, and he knows that he will surely settle accounts with mean scoundrels that sent him for a lattice, and fatten on freedom. Corrupt reptiles will receive the! The healthy fellow prepares for long-awaited release fearlessly to return to Essex and to organize all a party under the name "Punishment"! It should pass a hard way before it returns former glory and influence, but there is no place to hurry to it, revenge is a dish which is served by cold. In case of this gangster – a dish that is pushed in the throat to everyone who will become on its road...

5.6 894

All the Money in the World

Around the world it was not richer than the person, than Paule Getty. To belong to its sort — all the same what to be god. However, when in Rome unknown kidnap his grandson, the oil tycoon, to general shock, flatly refuses to pay repayment. And then the mysterious security service specialist of Getty becomes the only hope for mother of the boy …

6.8 52217

Good Time

Having despaired to find work and to get money for payment of accounts, Connie plans robbery of bank. On a raid it takes the brother Nick suffering from intellectual deviations. Robbery takes place successfully, but at brothers in hands the package of paint blows up, and Nick falls into hands of police. Feeling guilty for the brother and also understanding as it will be heavy to transfer Nick every day without the aid of the loved one, Connie decides to pull out, by all means, the brother from hands of police. Within one night full of adrenaline, Connie makes desperate attempts to make the way to Nick and to release it.

7.3 45871

Pork Pie

The trios of casual criminals travel around all New Zealand in the yellow car Pass, protesting and pursuing the lost love while the group of police officers pursues them.

6.4 1447


The FBI agent, the specialist under cover and to an okhmureniye of women, receives a new task — to make internally investigation in the Californian road patrol. The gang on high-speed motorcycles plunders collector cars, and FBI suspects that they are helped by someone from the. The new identity of the agent under cover is called Frank Poncharello, and now it patrols roads of solar California. In workmates he gets the basic beginner and the former motorcycle racer John at whom without tears you won't look — the guy has transferred a heap of operations therefore can't live without anesthetics.

6.0 33472


A story about the farmer Wilfred James who by means of the teenage son has killed the wife and has thrown her body on worry to rats. Since then rats-trupoyedy follow Wilfred close, breaking him life and driving mad.

6.3 30550

Rough Night

What can sadden a merrily and freaky hen party in Miami? Probably, only the ridiculous death of the stripper. Now girlfriends should get out of foolish history and to somehow cover up tracks until they have fallen into hands to cops.

5.2 35731

The Book of Henry

Henry's 11 anniversaries — the ingenious boy living in the usual American suburb. He is beyond the years judicious, always intercedes for the younger brother, conducts finance of the mother, however even with his ability to count any situation on several courses forward the boy manages not all — for example, he can help nothing to the neighbour's girl contemporary whom her stepfather police officer cruelly treats. Calls to service of guardianship, the complaint to police and a talk with school teachers don't lead to anything, and then Henry decides on desperate steps, but suddenly opened disease doesn't allow the boy most to realize an idea. Henry gives to mother the records where operation which will exempt the neighbor from oppressions of the tyrant is in detail described …

6.6 17023

Lies We Tell

The checked driver should deal with the British-Pakistani mistress of his dead employer, her shadowy past involves him in quest on rescue of her 16-year-old sister from violent marriage with their kuzinom-gangster.

4.1 320

The Adventurers

Each thief dreams of robbery of a century, of it which would become history, would enrich for the rest of life and at the same time for law enforcement agencies would remain a riddle who has made it. Several Chinese thieves of professional level have seen such opportunity. She to appear in the territory of the European Union during the Cannes Film Festival. Children have taken to themselves in the team of several more extremely talented people among whom there are a hacker, the rock-climber and the beauty. To adventurers it is necessary not only to bypass all systems of protection on the way to fabulous riches, but also to confuse the best detective in the EU.

5.6 1979

The Limehouse Golem

The Victorian London, 1880. The dangerous Region of Laymkhaus shakes a series of cruel murders. The inhabitants scared to death believe that in these terrible crimes the golem — the ancient mythological being recovered by means of black magic is guilty. To investigate mysterious murders appoint the skilled detective, the inspector of Kildare.

6.3 12514


Welcome to solar Suburbikon! In a fine quiet town in the heart of America. Happy families. Inexpensive pretty houses. Well-groomed lawns. Embodiment of the American dream. Wonderful life of the town is suddenly interrupted by the shocking, outstanding event — the exemplary family endures invasion into their family nest. This event pushes on the worst acts in their idyllic life — blackmail, revenge and treachery.

5.6 26993

Vincent N Roxxy

Intense story about love and violence. Two rebels unexpectedly fall in love with a difficult period of the life each other, but the cruel past follows them close.

5.5 1433

Wind River

In the territory of the Indian reservation "Windy River" the huntsman Cory Lambert finds the mutilated body of the young girl in the desert. The skilled hunter with the tragic past, he undertakes to help with investigation of this business to the FBI agent Jane Benner who appears in the world full of riddles and violence. But whether they will be able to resist to ominous forces of these places where the nature is impregnated with bitterness and thirst of revenge?.

7.7 147969


The happy family goes to have a rest to Caribbean Islands, but soon their travel breaks the tragedy. The hero should chase each other over time to save the wife and the son

6.2 5102

Locked Up

The young American who is trained in Southeast Asia very much isn't lucky. Parents don't want to communicate with her, and in the new country she is exasperated by contemporaries. Once she decides to fight back them for what she is sent to corrective school. This school appears the most real prison in which corruption, sex and fights without rules prospers. The girl should find forces and to battle to the death.

3.9 502

Grey Lady

The officer of the Boston police arrives to the island of Nantaket to find for the murderer of the workmate. However he will find there much more, than expected.

4.3 658

The Equalizer 2

Robert Mccall, a former CIA agent, was the most difficult task and top priority mission. Caught in the hottest spots in the world, Robert and had no idea what would survive until his retirement. Stress and various tests, as well as advanced age forced the main character leave the FSB hit House far away from it all and finish life in calm circumstances, but the salvation of one girl in the streets of the rebellious city entailed serious implications for Robert. You can also download movie torrent.

6.9 35211

Baby Driver

The young guy known as the Kid adores stylish music, fast driving and adrenaline in blood. All his life is continuous pursuits and firefights, he works as the driver who helps bandits to flee the crime scene. Once he really falls in love and decides to bowl off, but at first he should perform one more task which can quite be the last in his life.

7.6 330049

Murder on the Orient Express

The travel by one of the most luxury trains of Europe unexpectedly turns into one of the most stylish and fascinating riddles in the history. The movie tells a story of thirteen passengers of the train, each of which is under suspicion. And only the detective has to solve as soon as possible a puzzle before the criminal strikes new blow.

6.5 161186

The Foreigner

The former special agent, the veteran of the Vietnamese war Quan has laid down arms long ago and has started peaceful life. But after his teenage daughter in the eyes dies in terrorist attack directly, seeing that the authorities don't hurry to search for criminals, Quan himself begins search of the murderer. He will be ready to do anything to make just punishment …

7.0 73230

American Made

He was the most young pilot of Boeing 747 in the USA, and in several years became one of the richest people in America. His lifestyle was so extreme, as well as his business. The closed receptions, magnificent blondes, abrupt wheelbarrows and risk transactions. He had talent to make money from air.

7.2 117790

Crooked House

Sofia, the granddaughter of the oligarch Aristide Leonidis, invites the private detective Charles Hayward to investigate murder of her grandfather. She is sure: someone from members of household has poisoned him. Having undertaken investigation, Charles finds out that all could have a motive. Even at Sofia …

6.3 11166

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Several months later after murder of the daughter Mildred Heys criminals aren't found. The desperate woman makes up the mind to a courageous step, renting on entry into the city three billboards with the message to the authoritative Police Chief William Uilloubi. When in a situation also the deputy sheriff, infantile mother's darling with tendency to violence, the officer Dixon is involved, fight between Mildred and city authorities is only aggravated.

8.2 288251


The main character, the violator of the law, after long absence comes back to the hometown when learns that his mother has committed suicide. When he copes with shock, his heart is overflowed with the furious obsessed idea to prove that it was not suicide.

5.7 250

Logan Lucky

Have discharged from office? Prepare the most impudent robbery in the history! Jimmy Logan immediately selects the team of the "experts" capable of such swindle, and hopes to come off clear. Be as Logan!

7.0 95848


At the bottom of the lake the team of special troops of US Navies "Seals" finds the captured war of Bosnia a treasure — gold ingots worth more than $300 million. The mission of the team which has violated the oath and risking life — to lift gold from a lake bottom. For others she would be impracticable, but only not for these freaky guys: they have 10 hours to finish conceived.

5.4 5665


In alternative Los Angeles whom you will only not meet — side by side with people there live elves, orks and even centaurs. Elves, however, disdain a little all others therefore they have arranged themselves the certain area where entrance only according to admissions. And here people should suffer orks, rough and inclined to crimes, those prefer to lodge in criminal ghettoes.

6.4 136991

The Snowman

For many years in day when the first snow drops out, married women completely disappear. To put all parts of a mysterious puzzle in power only to the famous detective. He has lost rest and a dream, time of the following snowfall inevitably comes.

5.1 42741

Roman J. Israel, Esq.

History of the skilled lawyer idealist with a firm grasp, Roman J. Izrael. The series of events force the hero to take the extreme measures contradicting his professional and moral principles.

6.4 19595


The group of beach rescuers works at the coast of the Pacific Ocean. They always are on the post and protect vacationers from accidents on water. The main character, the skilled rescuer Mitch Byyukennon, and his young colleague Matt Brody accidentally learn that their beach is under the threat of disappearance. The owner of pathos night club, in combination local "drug baron", tries to appropriate the coast. The young woman buys up all real estate, without shunning intimidations and murders of owners of the land plots.

5.6 119847

Shot Caller

The fatal accident, the deadly tragedy, and all his life flies under a slope … Having appeared behind bars, it has to learn to live under new laws. You have to become the fighter, the authority or it will be the victim. What price should be paid to survive in this hell from which there is no road back?.

7.3 51895

The Dinner

One evening at restaurant. Two families at a table: future prime minister Stan Loman and his brother Paul with wives. The refined dinner turns into the battlefield, and the fate of their children — into a change. How far the father is capable to come to protect the son who has committed a crime?

4.5 5969

John Wick: Chapter 2

When the former colleague Jonah decides to take mysterious guild of murderers under the control, Wick is forced to leave resignation. John conducted by a bloody oath goes to Rome where he should battle against one of the most dangerous killers in the world.

7.5 246459

Extraordinary Mission

The courage accompanies men of courage, the pursuing noble intentions. The skilled detective for certain knows how to overcome the smart leader of cartel. The expert studies habits of the main opponent, tries to adapt to his motivation to get on ill-fated Wednesday. The clever man doesn't fear mistakes, refuses to adjoin to criminal structures passive. The "Extraordinary mission" started by the field investigator is flooded with variegated dangers. The legend creates an image of the impetuous bandit ready teeth to gnaw wellbeing of the leader of clan. The beginner should prove actions devotion to predatory ideals of the employer.

6.3 455

What Happened to Monday

In the world where it is authorized to married couples to have only one child, seven sisters twins are born. Parents decide to keep all and name babies in honor of days of the week. So girls also appear in public — everyone in the day. But once Monday vanishes …

6.9 74287

Bon Cop Bad Cop 2

Eight years have passed since police officers Martin Ward and David Buchard cooperated to solve a series of cruel murders. Two absolutely unlike people nevertheless remained friends, but already a year don't keep in contact. But when swindlers without shame and conscience have begun to hijack cars, old workmates have understood that it is time for them to unite the forces and to catch bandits.

6.7 2943

The Wizard of Lies

Berney Madoff's history — the businessman who has constructed the world's largest financial pyramid and has disguised her under investment fund. Madoff has been sentenced to 150 years of imprisonment, and his illegal activity has turned back accident for all family.

6.8 17189

Brawl in Cell Block 99

The former boxer and the drug dealer Bradley Thomas tried to give up the criminal past, but it has dragged it back. He with accomplices was taken red-handed and has gone to prison for 7 years. And all this so at the wrong time, the wife is pregnant with the long-awaited daughter, and here the unclear type comes on a svidanka and, blackmailing with not born child, Bradley orders to kill the high security concluded in the block 99 of prison.

7.1 37989

The Fate of the Furious

Fasten belts — the race continues. Havana, Berlin, New York — for the coolest team in the world aren't present anything impossible, they together yet. But when on their way there will be one of the most beautiful women on the planet and in combination the queen of cyber crime, dear friends will disperse.

6.7 168654


A story about the most destructive city disorders in the history of the USA. In the summer of 1967 Detroit which is already heated by an interracial problem flares up with a revolt, violence and raids when ten thousand of furious inhabitants get out of the control of the authorities.

7.4 35892

Filth City

The mayor who seeks reelection is caught behind smoking of a crack and remove all this on video. Now the city head is ready to go to anything if only record have fallen into those hands.

4.4 598


Harold Sojink, until recently, worked in the world's largest pharmaceutical company. He always tried to carry out their duties in good faith. That is why colleagues and the leadership of the respected him. The man was a law-abiding man, but suddenly his life has changed dramatically. He became a criminal. Man is chaired by a woman, which is a measure of daring. She can easily cope with all difficulties that prepares her fate, but now the beauty found herself in a difficult situation, from which it is not so easy to extricate himself. Once Harold randomly discovered a formula that has global significance. The protagonist always wanted to get a large sum of money, so I decided to use classified information to enrich themselves.

6.1 16105

Killer Ending

The popular detective novel by Agatha Seyers turns into her worst nightmare, after her daughter is kidnapped by the same scenario, and her assistant tries to replace her.

5.9 16

The Escape of Prisoner 614

In one of prisons languishes, a man with serial number six hundred fourteen is in conclusion. He is a native of the African American people. He was accused of killing a police officer. And at this time, black citizens were treated very unfriendly. Unfortunately for the kid, the jury was all white men and women. They did not particularly understand the criminal case and simply condemned the young man to prison. But, he is not going to sit idly by and starts to escape.

4.5 485

Scooby-Doo & Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Brave guardian of the peaceful existence of the inhabitants of the city, Batman defies the villains in all categories. But he soon realizes that alone simply cannot cope. Then he turns for help to the legendary dog detective Scooby Doo And his entire friendly team. Now legendary superheroes together will confront the most ferocious villains of this alternative world.

6.7 737

Killing Joan

Young Joan Butler makes money in a very questionable way. Working to the leader of the local mafia chief Frank, pretty woman kills people on his orders. To such extraordinary work the girl got used for a long time and treats her as usual routine. Once the heroine of the film meets Anthony. The young man turns out to be a social worker. The guy constantly helps the needy and participates in various charity events. Communication with a new friend has a beneficial effect on the female killer. Gradually, the heroine repents of her actions and decides to break with her former life.

3.0 137

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