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Flesh and Blood

Day when gate of prison open comes and the hero of the movie "Flesh and Blood" is released. It went to jail the boy, and leaves the mature man who passed cruel school of life. The father left when he was absolutely little. With mother who gave birth to him in 15 years it was necessary to them hardly. Lack of money, roofs over the head, pushed the boy in the company of unsuccessful teenagers. Binge, drugs, fights and, as result - prison. His friends left dry of water, and he took the blame.

Now, Mark realized a lot of things. He comes back to native places, having decided to give up the past. He is met by mother who suited the life with other man, and the stepbrother. The teenager has autism and experiences terrible tortures because of mockeries of peers. Mark tries to merge with new reality and to understand, what does he think of the relatives. Around there are a lot of temptations, but the guy seeks for communication with those who could overcome addictions and feel that in life there are more important things, than receiving doubtful pleasures.

5.6 108

Cassidy Red

Action of the movie happens in the 19th century in the south of the USA. The capricious daughter of the prostitute and the hitman goes to revenge the corrupted sheriff and his henchmen for murder of the beloved from the tribe of Apaches.

4.3 108

Mary Shelley

Mary is a young girl whom it is possible to call the person of the most honest rules quite. Never having the serious relations before, Mary all the heart falls in love with young and incredibly attractive poet Percy Shelley. Unlike most of men who surround young Mary Percy has improbable charisma. And therefore, from first minutes of communication, the girl is entirely given him to the power. Therefore when the poet invites her to spend time in the house at lord Byron, the girl agrees with ease.
The ideal nature and weather conditions, the smart mansion - all this suggests to romantic nature of Mary the most different ideas. Having become impregnated with this atmosphere, the girl is given entirely to the new relations, having forgotten about all rules of decency. Exactly here, being in the mansion of lord Byron, she begins to write the novel. The book about the scientist Frankenstein and his terrible monster which in the future will turn into literature classics. Strangely enough, the affair with the poet Percy Shelley became for the girl a trigger to write this novel. But, all people hide in themselves the mass of secrets, and Mary's shower as it appeared, long time hid in herself demons about whom people around did not suspect.

6.4 6437


United Kingdom decides to withdraw from the European Union after the famous referendum. This is a crucial step, which was preceded by a huge number of events. Authors of historical painting "Brexit" tried to throw a glance behind the scenes and uncover the unusual characters are those who at that time made attempts to manage the majestic and strong State. The main leader of opinion became a political strategist on behalf of Dominic Cummings. It represented one of the main promoters. His thoughts and perspectives have affected the position of the voting citizens. Dominic became the leader of the propaganda of the company Vote Leave, which eventually won. Strong solutions, hard fight, global governance, from which much depends in the future development of the strategy and work of thought.

7.0 1795


The epicenter of the plot turns out to be a black policeman named Ron, which faithfully serves in Colorado. Once the protagonist "Black klanovca" yet to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan. In fact, members of this clan real racists, which due to the light skin can even go on the offense. Our hero was the only one in the Department who can instruct the mission. His plan, as always, is easy to ugliness. In a newspaper ad, he comes to this grouping and asks in its ranks. And it is not embarrassed that it is dark in colour.

7.6 82273

First Man

This picture is a biographical tape on the fate and the greatest career astronaut, whose name is Neil Armstrong. This man had the great honour to be the first who will come to the surface of the moon. Indeed, some say that fate loves daredevils, and Neal was one of them. He was able to overcome his fear of the first step into the unknown, mysterious space. In this work it is shown at what cost Armstrong had to make this small step, which became a huge breakthrough for mankind as a whole. No wonder the name of this astronaut will forever remain in history.

7.5 77222

Bird Box

The storyline of this picture wrapped around a single mother from whom at the hands of two minor children.In the story "bird boxes" around the planet began strange things going on.The thing is that people are starting to go crazy, seeing if something incomprehensible.People are killing each other.Our heroine embarks on a journey in search of survivors who are not affected by this epidemic.The beauty of this situation is that in no event it is impossible to look at the things around, no matter how attractive they are.

6.7 131537

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

In the Grand final the head of fight between the good and evil, forces of the magic world grows in the general war. The price never was so highly, and in search of a shelter, is so difficult. And, perhaps, Harry Potter it is necessary to offer everything in final fight with Voldemort. Our hero can save the world? And all this comes to an end here.

8.1 672708

The Scent of Rain & Lightning

When the young woman learns that the murderer of her parents was released from prison, it faces that it should heal old wounds again. In this process she learns the destructive force of hatred and understands the true price of family secrets.

5.1 651

The 12th Man

The group of fighters of the Norwegian resistance receives a task to reach the northwest Norwegian coast on the vessel "Brattkholm" and to commit diversion on one of the German aviation bases. But the mission came to grief in the sea: the vessel was attacked by the German ship and sunk. Jan Bolsrud was the only person who managed to escape. He manages to reach the coast and to run towards the Swedish border. Pursued by Gestapo, Bolsrud looks for a shelter in mountains. Here it is overtaken by a blizzard, he hides in a cave which appears a deadly trap.

7.4 8969

The Beautiful Ones

The gangster from family of the mafioso falls in love not with that woman. During gang issues and the partition of the territory he should apply all the abilities to save it from people whom he once called brothers.

4.4 117

The Delinquent Season

History rotates around two couples in the suburb of Dublin — Jim and Danielle, Yvonne and Chris. Though externally all it seems fine, one night in the relations of both couples cracks are found. How well partners know each other and whether it is possible to recognize in general another really?

6.4 577

Forget About Nick

Against the background of dazzling fashion of New York, Jade turns from model into the designer. During this fascinating period in life, it should live in one apartment with the ex-wife of the husband while it disappears somewhere.

5.3 240


During the zombie apocalypse at the man the wife perishes, and he remains with the daughter baby. But he was bitten too, and now the father had 48 hours to manage to find trustees for the baby.

6.3 23208

Molly's Game

Mollie Blum was called the Princess of poker. She constructed the most expensive underground casino in Hollywood. Every minute there were for broke movie stars, sheikhs, billionaires. Big money smells of blood. How to survive when mafia and FBI hunts for you?

7.5 92076

Open Water 3: Cage Dive

Three American students decided to write down the extreme rest on video: deep-water immersion in a cage to a big white shark in South Australia. A cheerful adventure — such entertainment it seemed for friends. But the catastrophic turn of events sorted things out: friends appeared in the high sea alone with a big white shark.

4.1 2889

Every Day

Every day he wakes up in a new body. His morning-this new House, new family, new friends. He is a disembodied spirit who sees the world through the eyes of others and live a short moments of other people's lives. But one day he meets Rhiannon, and every day turns into an attempt to get back to this girl, which became for him the sole. Now they need to find a way to stay together.

6.4 10202

A Kid Like Jake

The plot is exciting, dramatic films "A Kid Like Jake" revolves around an incredibly savvy and smyshlenogo precocious four-year-old boy named Jake. In their years of this boy has a seven-year development of the child and without hesitation can tell any long poem, read the book and write the dictation without errors. Plus, the boy from the other children are distinguished by the fact that he, along with cars, loves Disney Princesses, outfits which Jake knows by heart.

5.2 1336

Dark River

Alice Bell is forced to lead a nomadic life for as much as fifteen years. And behold, the heroine of "Dark River" will return to the native land. The fact that her father-rapist walked away into another world. He left his children a good legacy, which will certainly excite your serious war. The thing that Alice's brother all this time took care of the father.

5.7 1870

Bonded by Blood 2

Notorious "Guys from Essex" are succeeded by group of criminals, young and hungry to the power. They call themselves friends and many blood shed together, but is ready to betray each other at the first opportunity when on a game there are their personal interests.

5.9 1021

Boone: The Bounty Hunter

Boone, the popular headhunter from a reality show, tries to reveal the drug baron and his empire. Finally he learns more, than expected, and understands that justice is more expensive than ratings.

5.8 2379

Blood Money

The resourceful businessman Miller decides to begin new life on the money stolen from the client. Everything went according to the plan while, happy-go-lucky, money does not vanish in backwoods and falls into hands to three friends, travelers in these parts. Miller will not stop before anything to return what belongs to him.

4.5 1487

Double Lover

The young and fragile beauty Chloé (Marina Vakt) suffers from a constant depression in this connection she decides to resort to the help of psychotherapy. Soon the girl meets the attractive psychoanalyst Paul (Jérémie Rainier) who helps it to get rid of an illness. However along with it Chloé understands that it is imperceptible for itself fell in love with Paul. Their feelings are mutual, but when couple begins to live together, the girl finds out that her beloved at all not that for whom gives itself.

6.2 7836

Saturday Church

The 14-year-old boy who faced problems of determination of the gender identity and religion begins to dream of throwing the life in the unsuccessful area, and finds the calling in process.

6.2 443

The Strange Ones

Two brothers face series of mysterious events, traveling around the remote American areas. Serene, at first sight, rest opens a tangled and dark web of secrets.

5.0 1776

The Ghost and The Whale

The movie tells a story of Joseph having bipolar disorder of the person who went to the sea together with the darling once, and returned back, to the sleepy town, already one. His spouse Annabel completely disappeared, and the destiny her remains to the unknown. A year later the famous journalist Ad Hale comes to the city to try to get into the mysteries of history which happened to Joseph. However the hero fell into serious condition of psychosis in which the hysterical mania alternates with melancholy. Often he finds a shelter only in the company of the only friend — Grey Keith.

To understand local customs and customs, Ad resorts to the help of the local — Mitch who is eager to become the writer. And meanwhile, having stayed ten years in prison, Jack, the most cruel of brothers of the wife of Joseph, with great desire to revenge comes back home. Ad and Joseph have to find as soon as possible the truth in dark business of disappearance of Annabel to present it to Jack before that buries both of them.

4.3 199

Signature Move

The thirty-year-old Pakistani Zeynab lives in Chicago with the mother obsessed with television. Once Zeynab falls in love with the brisk and clever Mexican Alma, and now she should find the place in life, love and wrestling.

5.8 310

Person to Person

One memorable day from life of several New Yorkers. While couple of journalists investigate doubtful suicide, the dealer in vinyl gets involved in swindle, and the teenage girl learns the sexuality.

5.7 1153

Most Beautiful Island

The emigrant Lyusiana tries to survive in New York. The woman cannot come back home and does not want therefore she grabs any opportunity to earn — to distribute leaflets on the street, nurses other people's spoiled children. Once the Russian girlfriend Olga offers lungs, at first sight, money. It is necessary to accompany guests at a party for the high fee, and Lyusiana agrees with pleasure.

5.6 2181

All I See Is You

Geena went blind in the childhood as a result of accident. However the blindness did not prevent it to marry and be happy in marriage. On the next reception they with the husband learn from the ophthalmologist that it is possible to use new methods of treatment, and there is a high probability that she will begin to see clearly. The loving husband pays operation, there passes month, bandage are removed, and before Geena the world with all paints of life swings open. The girl seeks to open for herself what it was deprived earlier of and that now it seems such available. Including relations with men. The wakened sexuality does not please her husband James ready for anything, if only it still entirely depended on him, would see only him …

5.3 6669

Catching Feelings

Max works to teachers, giving students lectures. He turns each lesson into an interesting story, imparting love to a subject at teenagers. After work as evening, it together with the wife Sam goes to the African restaurant where their friends gathered to celebrate a birthday of Max. The man reads much and even itself tries to be engaged in writing of literary works. Having learned that to their city there comes the popular writer Heiner, he a little it criticizes, considering too old. In their family there were problems with money, and Sam suggests to sell the house and to buy something cheaper. Especially they have no children yet, and spouses do not hurry to bring them. Max does not wish to ask for help of the brother, the wealthy and famous actor. Together with the friend and the colleague, the man goes to a creative meeting with Heiner. Next day, Max happens upon the writer together to get drunk.

5.3 329

Thirst Street

After heavy break in relations the stewardess Geena meets the bartender Gérôme from the Paris Club. The girl imagines that they have a passionate novel, and begins to pursue the guy.

5.9 340

Beatriz at Dinner

Beatrice — the sensitive and betrayed to the patients nurse. After another session of rehabilitation after chemotherapy for one woman she is invited to an invited dinner in honor of celebration of the profitable transaction. Having appeared in monastery of luxury, Beatrice feels extremely awkwardly, especially when meets Dag — successful and incredibly haughty businessman. From this point pleasant evening turns into a ball of quarrels and family squabbles.

6.1 7519

November Criminals

The teenager by the name of Eddison strongly worries because of the recent death of mother. In half a year after this incident the destiny throws up to it the next test — the unknown kills in cafe of his friend Kevin. The police write off everything for gang issues. Eddison understands that Kevin's business does not progress in any way and nobody will find his murderer. Then he, having secured with support of the girl Phebe, begins own investigation.

5.3 6187

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

A story about collisions of young titans with the worst enemy Defstrouk who is famous for the ruthlessness and artful temper. In spite of the fact that Defstrouk already got it in the neck from Damion Wayne, it does not stop him. He wants to take a revenge for last failure, and will use for this purpose all possible means.

Meanwhile, in the team of young titans replenishment, namely — the Terra which possibilities and forces will have to heroes just by the way. The girl has the power over the earth and a stone. With these new abilities the team of superheroes will be even more effective, ready to engage at any time. However in practice it is necessary to heroes hardly.

7.0 8339

By Any Means

The celebrity appears in a three-day imprisonment after night issue. During the investigation the police try to find out that is wanted more by the victim: justice or the publication of history on the front page of newspapers.

6.2 1604

Access All Areas

The company of teenagers, despite of lectures and the bans of parents which are eternally engaged at work, organizes a trip on motorcycles. The purpose of friends — a musical festival and a concert of the group which is hotly loved by them.

4.6 166

Final Portrait

A story about a decline of life of one of the most prominent artists of the XX century - Alberto Giacometti.

Paris began the 60th, Alberto Giacometti is surrounded with recognition of colleagues, the interest of the mistress and jealousy of the wife. Withering over the income and tired of predictable life, the artist finds rest in James Lord's company - the critic posing for it. The planned portrait is not ready also in two weeks: two spend much time together, discuss art and work, breathe fresh air of the city on Seong.

6.3 3177

The Stray

The main thing in a plot: The young father, decides to strengthen the relations with the child once. He together with the little son of nine years, and with his friends goes hiking. All participants of this event, are undoubtedly glad such happy circumstances. The way of heroes lies to the most beautiful places – to the mountains of Colorado. The company took the dog who did not want to miss such family event in a travel. Everything developed the best in the way, and it seemed that it will be surprising events.

Children just adore various campaigns, and for the hero it is excellent chance to stay with the son. Everything takes its course, and nobody knows that in several moments, everything can change. Having found the place for a halt, all coterie located in one of beautifull places. Soon weather began to spoil, and now the father and children while away the time in a tent. But absolutely unexpectedly deteriorated weather, introduces the amendments. In a tent with travelers the lightning strikes inside and now all further situation depends on a dog who guards tranquility of the owners. How will the situation develop further?

5.4 727


When on your eyes blood when you are forced to kill flows, you turn into an animal … After long years of war he breathed rage, damned red-skinned, in each of them he saw the enemy. On the result of war the captain Bloker receives the order to bring home to Montana the dying leader by nickname the Yellow Hawk. In chains and shackles it conducts seven Indians through lands where hostile tribes live and fugitives from justice where behind each stone the danger of death waits disappear. Somewhere on the way to Bloker's group the widow who was distraught with grief in the face of whom comanches killed her children sticks. This meeting changes everything …

7.2 44662

A Ghost Story

A story about untimely died man who did not go to a better world, and remained it is tied to the former house till the end of time.

6.8 42491


The husband of the dying woman desperately clings to any chance to save the beloved. When the technological company addresses it with the offer to present it the second chance, the man immediately agrees. But the result does not meet expectations, and now heroes are torn apart by doubts that there is a humanity and whether the updated Amelia has the right to be called the person.

5.8 11147

My Name Is Lenny

Lennie McLean grew in an adverse situation — the stepfather constantly beat and humiliated the boy. Already adult he everything cannot get off ghosts of the past in any way and splashes out children's offenses in street fights. And to wave fists at Lennie it turns out very well, and he decides to be involved in underground fights.

6.4 2272

The Atoning

Living in the house which is in power of otherworldly forces, parents try to protect the little son from the gloomy secret capable to destroy their family.

4.2 573

The Only Living Boy in New York

The guy learns that his father goes to the party. He tries to stop it, but itself snares mistresses. Now, using "useful" councils of neighbors, he will try to win her heart.

6.3 7656

Table 19

The former bridesmaid Heloise who shortly before the ceremony is thrown by the best man by SMS decides to go to a wedding where it appears in an environment of 5 guests unfamiliar to it at the terrible table N19 nevertheless.

5.8 21175

47 Meters Down

Having a rest on solar beaches of Mexico, Lisa and her sister Kate decide on immersion in a cage to big white sharks. But the spectacular attraction is wrapped in a nightmare when the cage with two girls breaks on an ocean bottom. The help has no place to wait, and oxygen remains only for an hour. The only exit from a deadly trap — to float up through thickness of water which teems with the most furious predators of the ocean.

5.6 35945

Voice from the Stone

The 50th years of the last century. The mysterious ancient castle in Tuscany. There comes Verena, the young nurse having the rare gift to restore psychologically injured children to normal life. She is able to find with them close contact. Verena — the last hope of the 40-year-old widower of Claus whose son Jacob within several months after the death of mother did not pronounce a word. It appears, the boy vowed silence until the spirit of mother does not return. Verena begins to suspect soon that the ghost of died plays with it cat and mouse to be installed in her body.

5.2 7965

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