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Shimmer Lake

The retrospective subject line opens history of the local sheriff who works on search of the criminals who committed robbery of bank day by day.

6.2 7816

An Ordinary Man

In the center of a plot of the relation, unexpectedly arising between the war criminal disappearing from justice and the only person with whom it keeps in contact — his maid.

5.4 1037


The school teacher of literature and the head of a chess circle Mr. Butler is very glad that the excellent student Loukas Ward was transferred to his school. The guy has the highest marks in all objects, and he adores literature, but on some questions has a little strange opinion. Mr. Butler does not agree with his conclusions in the composition and puts not the highest point. Now the teacher should learn that Loukas perfectly understands not only school objects, but also manipulation of people.

5.9 3690

1 Buck

Moving from one pocket to another, from the person to the person, the one-dollar note shows life of different people in Louisiana.

6.0 2225

Gangster Land

Firefights, murders, plots, treacheries - all this an integral part of life of gangsters in Chicago the beginnings of the 30th years. The history of ascension and falling of one of the most famous gangsters in the world - Alfonso Capone, the person who kept in awe all America is shown in the same movie.

4.5 964

The Most Hated Woman in America

A story about progress and tragic crash Madalin Murray O'Khayer, won scandalous glory thanks to active fight against church. Having begun with performances against reading the Bible at schools, Madalin founds the movement "Atheists of America" and causes hatred in most of the compatriots.

6.1 3159

You Get Me

Tyler is crazy about the ideal girl Ellie. But after one of quarrels he appears in attractive Halle's hands from other city together with whom they spend unforgettable night. The next morning Tyler learns that Ellie is ready to meet with it again and that Halle passed into his school, obsessed with the new guy.

4.6 8260


The lonely ninety-year-old old man known as the Lucky quietly attains the age in the small, godforsaken small town. Day by day it does the same things: has breakfast in cafe, looks houses of a quiz at TV and sits in the evening in bar. At some point the hero understands that time allowed to him in this world will end soon. Awareness of inevitability of death forces it to go to a spiritual travel and to rethink all the course of life.

7.4 12036

Blood Brother

Jake gets prison term, to save his friends, and his best friend Chris abruptly changes his life and becomes a police officer. Freed from prison 15 years later, Jake seeks revenge.

5.3 59

Acts Of Vengeance

The successful lawyer and the happy family man Frank in a flash loses the wife and the daughter. There was a cruel murder, but investigation did not forward matter by a single step. Now the lawyer in life has one purpose: to find real murderers. It begins own investigation. Having taken justice in hand, he swears that will not pronounce a word until revenges for family.

5.7 6460

The Wall

Two American soldiers perform a task in the Iraqi solitude and accidentally get to the cunning trap arranged with the enemy sniper. As a result both soldiers come under fire and are wounded to various degrees of severity. One of them bleeds profusely on the open area, without an opportunity to move or reach the automatic machine, and another hides behind a low wall from concrete. The hero managed to take with himself a sniper rifle and the radio transmitter by means of which he is going to call the backup. But for the unknown reasons he gets on the frequency of the opponent who just at this moment sits in several hundred meters from it and tries to make out it in a sniper sight.

Between two soldiers who are at war on the different parties a deadly game in "tag" begins. He is necessary the American military hardly, as well as his companion, bleeds profusely, supplies come to an end, and he does not even know a location of the enemy. Besides the help should not wait in the nearest future, so, it is necessary to rely only on own abilities and forces. The hero should find in himself courage and to host a sniper duel. It is fated to survive in this opposition to only one.

6.2 18933

Abe & Phil's Last Poker Game

Doctor Abe Mandelbaum moves to nursing home together with the sick wife and strikes up acquaintance to the elderly lady's man Phil and the lovely girl Endzhela who looks for the father. Abe and Phil try to prove in all ways to the girl that someone from them - her father, facing many barriers. Whether Endzhela who her biological parents, or and will remain in ignorance learns?

5.4 168

People You May Know

In the modern world global networks are included more and more promptly into our ordinary life. The picture "People You May Know" tells a story that it is possible to find in the Internet the second I, but at the same time it is possible to lose the real face. In epicenter of a plot there is a young man by the name of Jed. In life he did not achieve any heights. He has very few friends and there is no girlfriend. All the matter is that he is afraid of real-life communication. Then the guy finds a way out in creation of the double on the Internet. It does it successful, charming and talented. It turned out simply the alpha male at whom have to will appear admirers literally from first minutes.
And Jed did not lose. On his fake character numerous fans of social networks pecked. Now he has a lot of friends and subscribers with whom is what to talk about. Only the guy has to hide carefully the real face and reincarnate in the double. And from it the quite good actor turns out. However, in the games in virtual communication he absolutely forgot about the true image in the real world of people in which he is forced to live. Whether the guy will be able to achieve popularity in communication not only by means of the computer monitor, but also in real life?

5.6 976

Racer and the Jailbird

In the center of attention there is one of the most influential and cool gangsters of Brussels ‒ Gino (Matthias Shonarts). Once the cruel criminal suddenly begins to show tender feelings and falls in love with the rich and fearless racer Bénédicte (Adele Ekzarkopulos). The different origin and the social status do not interfere them with love, however the criminal past of Gino threatens not only his feelings to the girl, but also Bénédicte's life.

"Passion and fidelity" ‒ the Belgian-French criminal drama from the director Michael R. Roskam. For the performer of a male lead Matthias Shonarts it is already the fourth collaboration with Michael Roskam.

6.4 2610


Action happens in the nineties, in the middle of ethnic criminal wars. Freddie, the teenager who ran away from the house and on combination of circumstances was on night streets of Los Angeles one. She should use all the cunning that without money to reach the meeting place with friends and not to fall a victim of shootouts.

4.6 385


The student Noel studies art, but her works lack emotional expressiveness. Once the girl is invited by the acquaintance Luke to a party to the hostel, takes away to the room and forces. And later behaves indifferently. Noel tries to report about the event to the management of the university, but faces indifference. Having decided to sort out the relations with Luke, the girl accidentally kills him then decides to deal with other local tyrants. Killing, Noel receives a charge of creative inspiration.

5.7 2700


Roman expecting an arrival of the family learns that there was a disaster. There was a plane crash and his darlings — the wife and the pregnant daughter — died.

Having lost those for the sake of whom lived, he pursues the only aim: to look in eyes of the involuntary murderer and to hear the words of a regret. Over a year search brings Roman to the air traffic controller Jake operating a plane course at the time of accident.

5.7 16626

Small Crimes

The former police officer stayed six years for murder attempt. Upon return home he is going to revenge, however gets to the real chaos.

5.8 5026

The Lodgers

Twins Rachael and Edward — the only heirs of the ancient estate about which the gloomy rumor goes long ago. Say as if the house is damned, and something lodged in it other that inspires in people evil will. Disobedience is punished by terrible torments.

To destroy an ancient damnation — the mad idea, but the first love and unsatiable inclination to the young soldier push young Rachael on a desperate step.

5.1 5473

Sweet Virginia

Sam, the former champion on a rodeo, conducts a quiet life in the godforsaken town now on Alaska where keeps modest roadside motel. Elwood is the young man who stopped by at his hotel; between two men having as it becomes clear, the general roots, friendship is started. Elwood, however, arrived not just like that, and has a direct bearing most on the shocking crime which shook the town recently.

6.2 5137


After unsuccessful break in relations the Brooklyn musician decides to return to the town of the childhood. There she earns additionally giving lessons of playing a guitar and acting in one local bar. But life goes on, and where without love? Time heals wounds also brings interesting events.

6.3 520

The Price

The young financier from Nigeria desperately looks for ways to help the family, but contradictions muffle a reason voice that leads to daredevil acts.

4.6 166


To Felicita, the singer from Kinshasa, falls into a difficult situation when her 14-year-old son gets into a car accident. The woman meets the lady's man by the name of the Taboo, and he helps it to raise money for operation to the son in quite unusual way.

6.4 698


The movie is inspired by the history of escape of 38 prisoners of IRA from the Maze Prison in 1983 in the heat of resistance against the British power in Northern Ireland. It was the largest escape since World War II from one of the most well protected prisons of Europe. In the center of a plot of the relation between Marley and the inspector of prison Gordon. The movie in a complicated manner and dexterously shows history from two opposite sides, investigating unfreedom depths — physical or spiritual.

5.9 2168


The psychologist enters a dangerous fight of minds with the little genius, but he does not know that the girl has supernatural abilities and that her life hangs by a thread.

6.2 3364


In 2020 the head of the VA Industries company, the largest in the field of robotics presents to the world the last invention — the Cronus computer which has to put an end to wars around the world. Cronus quickly understands that the main threat to peace on Earth — people, and starts the program for extermination of mankind. 97 years later the small group of the survived people still disappears from army of robots. Teenagers Andrew and Kaliya unite in search of the new world where, by hearsay, people live, without being afraid of robots.

4.0 11952

England Is Mine

Movie about the beginning of a career of the outstanding singer Morrissey and The Smiths group.

5.9 1868

Loving Vincent

Movie about life and mysterious death of Vincent Van Gogh.

7.8 34502


The senior pupil Abigail comes back to school after stay in psychiatric clinic. The girl is lonely: schoolmates avoid her, the most popular little girl at school, the cheerleader Melissa, does not miss an opportunity to mock at it. Both girls visit a theatrical circle, and once his head, attractive Jeremy Woods, suggests to put the new play. A leading role it gives Abigail, than causes chagrin and envy in Melissa. In the course of the rehearsals Mr. Woods and Abigail approach, and the girl falls in love.

5.8 1606


15 years ago young Oona ran away from the house with adult Ray … Years later in one of magazines the photo of former comes across to Oona: it has a new life, new family and a new name. Their sudden meeting will bare not only the memoirs buried forever, but also will pull out undercover desires which threaten to raze their lives to the ground on a surface.

6.2 7337

Beach Rats

Events of the movie are developed on the outskirts of Brooklyn. The teenager Frankie runs to the friends from the oppressive atmosphere reigning in his family. Trying to understand the sexual identity, Frankie begins to meet men is more senior. Along with it he enters the relations with the young girl. Frankie studies himself and the desires to understand to what he attracts him more. However this way of knowledge can lead to irreparable consequences.

6.4 8117

6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain

After the termination of outstanding sports career Eric Lemark, the Olympic champion in hockey, cannot live without adrenaline any more. Now it finds the drive in drugs and a snowboard. When the ski patrol (California) closes all routes because of the approaching storm in mountains Mammos, Lemark decides to make the last descent and it appears in a deadly snow trap.

5.7 3996

The Light of the Moon

How does the world when over you commit violence change? And how the attitude of people around towards you changes? It is history of the architect from New York which life got derailed after that not so much because of a severe psychological injury, how many because people around began to perceive it only as the unfortunate victim.

6.2 590

Home Again

Single mother's life from Los Angeles unexpectedly changes when she allows three guys to live at it.

5.8 20162

Princess Cyd

The 16-year-old sportswoman Cyd Laughlin is eager to run away from life with the depressive father. She for all summer goes to the aunt writer to Chicago where she falls in love with the girl living in the neighbourhood.

6.7 1852

Christmas Crime Story

They say, Christmas is time of joy, gifts, magic and general love. However for police officers, statistically, it is the intense period when the crime rate just begins to read off scale...
In epicenter of events there were several people who are not connected among themselves, however actions and decisions reduced them in the uniform place in which they would not like to come to be, be on that their will. Everything began with ridiculous robbery of shop which went not according to the plan at all and led to terrible consequences. It became a starting point in a destructive way on which unfortunate characters should pass: to the police officer forced to talk, at last, to mother and to try to reestablish with her the lost communication. And also to the photographer at whom life goes to pieces, his vindictive bride, her secret lover and Santa Claus trying not to drink very much again not to come to be at the bottom of a bottle. Each character has the drama and background. But they will be reduced together in fatal evening by the Devil to decide their future. The magnificent holiday was to the heroes who did not manage to make at the right time a right choice, and forced to regret now for much...

4.4 118


Olivia and Mathew — 18-year-old twins born in the world of privileges and high expectations. Between them there are no secrets, they as if a whole, and even a dream at them — the general. On a threshold of final year in school there is a tragedy which claims the life of one of twins. Remained it is necessary to learn to live without the second half … or to check how far they can come to reunite.

6.2 1878


State of California, 1992. Economic crisis, race conflicts. Two brothers of the Korean origin, Elay and Daniel, own women's shoe shop and are on friendly terms with Afro-American girl Camilla whom they forbid to go to shoe. Camilla has no friends at school, and there are only Elay and Daniel to whom it goes nearly an every day secretly from family. But once Camilla's brother learns about it and solves will deal shortly with Koreans by the methods.

7.1 1682

The Osiris Child

Joe is the sergeant who came back from Iraq. After return his life gets derailed. Within a year he tries to collect the strength, but eventually decides to begin treatment of a post-traumatic syndrome.

5.6 5715


Actions are developed in 1995 in New York. Two sisters, Dana and Elie, began to suspect of treason of the father. At this moment they realized that their measured family life begins to fall. For the first time the elder sister Dana who is recently affianced and feeling remorse because of own incorrectness feels affection for the younger teenage sister of Elie. Together they try to get to the truth, without disclosing a secret of the mother, at the same time opening for itself new sides of love and relationship.

6.4 3279

Two Lovers and a Bear

Action happens in the small town, near the North Pole where roads lead nowhere. Roman and Lucie — two burning souls which together make jump in life and inner world.

6.1 1410

Death Note

The capable student Layt finds mysterious Death Note which can kill any whose name to enter in it. The guy decides to begin a mission for cleaning of streets of criminals. Soon the student vigilante finds out that he is pursued by the known profayler of FBI disappearing under pseudonym L.

4.6 62654


The movie tells about couple which decided to try the relations with other people before officially deciding to spend the rest of the days together.

5.3 2481

Speech & Debate

The disappointed with hypocrisy of trustees, teachers and school council, indescribable trio moves off in searches of the general truth and force themselves to hear, having recovered the disappeared school club and having shown itself to the world.

5.9 993

Dance Academy: The Movie

История о том, как сложилась жизнь пяти начинающих танцоров после окончания Национальной академии танца в Сиднее: Тары Вебстер, выросшей на ферме, красивой и подлой Абигайль Армстронг, неординарной Кэт Карамаков, идеального Итана и Кристиана Рида, попавшего в Академию против воли. Конкуренция невероятна, стресс так и витает в воздухе. На кону единственная цель жизни — оказаться на сцене и получить главные роли.

7.0 1063


The ex-boxer suffering from alcoholism, having been left without housing, decides on participation in fights without rules. The competition will decide its destiny: whether he will return to normal life and will enter AAA, or will slide on the bottom.

6.4 2012

Band Aid

In the center of a plot — the young couple, whose life passes in infinite quarrels after they endured an abortion. Having almost despaired to return the happiness, they make up the mind to an unexpected step and create rock group, splashing out all collected experiences in a song. Perhaps, only music can save their marriage.

6.6 4007

On Wings of Eagles

Eric Lidl is the professional athlete doing sprinting. His career successfully moves ahead up, recently he earned a gold medal from another competitions. After the fruitful performances he comes back with a missionary mission together with favourite family to native, exotic China. Return of the famous sprinter to the country coincided with tragic events of the state scale, at this time in the Chinese territory terrible, bloody war, lethal to all representatives of other nationalities which are considered as hostile, posing threat, to the centuries-old traditions existing in the east, the standard moral installations and peculiar, considerably differing from European outlook burst. Very inconvenient time was chosen by missionaries for return to the second homeland which became expensive to heart. You can watch online the Last race 2016 in high quality free of charge without registration.

Now indispensable desire to ensure safety to close people becomes a paramount task. With great difficulty Eric manages to transport members of household on the safe territory of far Canada. But the man still remains in China and it is grabbed with soldiers of enemy army who place the captive in concentration camp torture chambers, constructed by Japanese especially for the foreign citizens living in the Chinese state. Having learned about professional works by sport of the special captive, the camp commander too doing sprinting begins to organize with it competitions in which prize allows to save lives to some prisoners. The Chinese friend helps to survive with the most difficult, inhuman conditions to Eric secretly, risking own life, transporting food and necessary drugs. But the emaciated runner all the same is seriously ill, trying to hide an illness from cruel jailers.

5.6 461

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