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Filth City

The mayor who seeks reelection is caught behind smoking of a crack and remove all this on video. Now the city head is ready to go to anything if only record have fallen into those hands.

4.4 598

Blade of the Immortal

The Samurai Mandzi has accidentally killed the sister's husband then that has a little moved mind. Any more the girl on light has nobody therefore the elder brother lives only in order that to protect her. Once villains kill the sister and cripple Mandzi who wishes only one — death, but the strange old woman suddenly is near. She infects the Samurai with blood worms — mysterious parasites who do the carrier immortal, tightening wounds and restoring the chopped-off extremities. 80 years later the same old woman directs the girl wishing to revenge for the death of the father to the Samurai. Girl, as like as two peas similar to the late sister Mandzi.

6.8 10750

War for the Planet of the Apes

The army of genetically modified monkeys is expected by a new call: they are forced to enter a deadly fight with army of people under the leadership of the ruthless colonel. After unimaginable losses among the soldiers the leader of monkeys Caesar begins personal fight against dark instincts and is going to revenge for all the look. Eventually he and the colonel will have to meet in epic fight which will solve who will govern on Earth now — people or monkeys.

7.5 186254

The Tooth and the Nail

In post-war Seoul there is a murder in the mansion of the rich person. The prosecutor considers that murder after all has happened as on the crime scene the human finger, blood and remains in the furnace is found. Protection insists that murder wasn't as the body of the victim was found.

6.3 87

Phantom Thread

In London 1950-ies the famous Couturier Reynolds Woodcock creates unique images for the Royals, movie stars, wealthy heiresses and socialites lionesses. Life changed radically with the emergence of genius young capricious Alma, who becomes his muse.

7.5 72177

A Taxi Driver

As a result of a military coup in December, 1979 Chong Du-hvan becomes the South Korean president. After execution of student's demonstration in the city of Gwangju locals decide to oppose the mode in large quantities. The dictator throws military units on suppression of a revolt. At this time the reporter of the German newspaper who has appeared in Tokyo decides to get into Gwangju to inform the outside world of the truth on what is created in Korea. To bring the German to the combat zone and back the ordinary Seoul taxi driver Mang-sop who since morning didn't even represent that he should disappear from military patrols soon has to.

7.8 7618

Darkest Hour

The story is about the first and crucial step of Winston Churchill as Prime Minister of Britain, received power in emergencies. The successes of the Nazi army unsettled British community, but despite the pressure and fear of other politicians, Churchill refused to go on agreement with Hitler.

7.4 115604


A fantastic story about an unexpected solution to the problem of overpopulation of the planet: Norwegian scientists invent technology to reduce people, which over 200 years the whole world can make miniature. Besides mini life offers a lot of financial gain, so a simple Guy Paul and his wife Audrey, a short-lived thinking, decide to leave his boring existence in Omaha and undergo reduction. This solution would entail the most amazing consequences.

5.7 62666

The Motive

Alvaro dreams of becoming an outstanding writer but can only on zanudnuju, claims scribbling. He works as the Secretary of the notary in Seville, but his passion for the Scriptures-the only thing that gives his otherwise repetitive existence. paints His wife Amanda is completely different. She was always down and never dreamed about writing, and it is her first novel becomes a bestseller. Only the irony ... The pair did not avoid divorce, which pushes Alvaro to write Lastly outstanding works. But when he's still going to take creativity, unable to write. It lacks not only talent, but also imagination. Under the leadership of Juan, writing teacher, Alvaro makes a discovery that is truly outstanding literature inspired by reality and aims to create my own story. Manipulating friends and neighbours, Alvaro gets his plot, but whether his true story have a happy ending?

6.6 2211

Blade Runner 2049

In the not too distant future, the world is inhabited by humans and Replicants, established to carry out the hard work. The job of police officer Kay — keep Replicants controlled in terms of the increasing tension. Until he accidentally becomes the possessor of classified information that threatens the existence of mankind. Wanting to find the clue, Kay decides to track down Rick scholar Deckard, former Commander of a special police unit in Los Angeles, who disappeared many years ago.

8.0 337543

The Promise

Two friends due to bankruptcy of the families decide to commit suicide, give each other a pledge to die together, but one of them changes his mind at the last moment. Many years later she is now almost adult daughter, followed by the ghost of a dead friend comes to pick up the debt.

6.1 509

Landing Up

The movie tells about the life of a young beautiful girl named Chrissy. Once she began the most black streak that can only exist in this world. At first, nothing foretold trouble, but for some reason, the girl was left without a roof over their heads. She totally didn't know that now she do in such a difficult situation, so she started thinking, learn to live on someone else's account. Another choice was not the heroine, because there can be no worse, and you can somehow rebuild their lives. That is why now Chrissy became entice different guys to stay overnight in their home. From the outset, her plan was at an altitude of. Every day different guys pecking on the flawless beauty of girls, as well as to her availability. Every night she spent in a new House. It would seem that now the problem girls completely solved. It is there, where to sleep and eat, and what else do you want?

5.0 128


In the maelstrom of events turns out to be a middle-aged woman. She questioned the ongoing relationships. Woman with young years go on dates only for one night. The position of the eternal lover her quite suited. It changed guys like gloves and not even conceived of a long-term love affair. Whether she wanted to create a family remains the number one issue.At one point in her life interferes with close friend and buddy. He seriously intends to prove her friend that true love exists, and long-term relationships are very real and possible. From this moment life heroines of tapes turned over upside down. She finally gained a simple female happiness and become truly beloved.

6.4 781

To The Beat!

MIA and Maki Castille, teenage girls, that devoted most of his life to the art of dance. Since they have learned to walk, this hobby became the meaning of their lives. And of course, such dedication to the cause, has accustomed them to best execution. With this deal, they want to tie their future, but with all this, without forgetting about each other. Diligently sisters helping each other in all endeavors, trainings and competitions. They both definitely have great talent, though, and addicted to different dance areas.

6.4 90

King Lear

The aging King Lear decides to share power between the three daughters, if they prove their love. Youngest daughter rejects flattery and sent into exile, and two senior Crouch before the father and receive the Kingdom. Having achieved the desired, they reveal their true intentions and oppose the Lira, which itself becomes a fugitive.

6.4 893


Harold Sojink, until recently, worked in the world's largest pharmaceutical company. He always tried to carry out their duties in good faith. That is why colleagues and the leadership of the respected him. The man was a law-abiding man, but suddenly his life has changed dramatically. He became a criminal. Man is chaired by a woman, which is a measure of daring. She can easily cope with all difficulties that prepares her fate, but now the beauty found herself in a difficult situation, from which it is not so easy to extricate himself. Once Harold randomly discovered a formula that has global significance. The protagonist always wanted to get a large sum of money, so I decided to use classified information to enrich themselves.

6.1 16105

Swinging Safari

In Australia for many years spends vacation young fellow by the name of Jeff. It only fourteen years old, but he is already at the root of the sexual revolution. It is a time when loose relations became very real phenomenon throughout the world. Hippie conquer the planet with incredible speed. Rock 'n' roll has become so popular that now see a longhaired man is normal. These hot changes touched the young man, or rather his parents. In the meantime, while their son is struggling with hormones and transitional age, they are still performed in the vastness of Australia and is not shy about enjoying life, making love right in front of strangers.

5.5 860


The action film "flower" is unfolding in the territory of the colony for juvenile delinquents. As in any other prison, this establishment is divided into male and female divisions, between which are not allowed are not what contacts, even simple communication. Young Daphne got behind bars for theft.

5.9 3578


Modern megapolises live hectic lives. Each resident tries to catch on important business, faced with a mass of obstacles in its path. Slowly, people go astray into one crowd, always busy and hurrying people. Immersed in meditation, the main characters are not even thought that in a moment they will meet together. Fate decided to combine them together, making a peculiar character. Later it became clear that this meeting is not random. Drawing each other attention, young people have become parties to the series of events.

6.4 94


A group of scientists managed to catch from outer space remote signal. The plot of "Native" revolves around two luminaries of science, which happen to be those people who go to meet this mysterious signal. To prepare the expedition carefully, because it must take into account all the nuances. Maybe someone in this way asks for help and you want to try to serve victims.

4.0 231

Killer Ending

The popular detective novel by Agatha Seyers turns into her worst nightmare, after her daughter is kidnapped by the same scenario, and her assistant tries to replace her.

5.9 16


Ambitious high school student Samantha Hodges is a serious journalist, she writes for the school newspaper and for the graduation album. She and her three friends are on the scholarship list. Samantha decides to conduct her own investigation, after the list of fellows begins to thin out during the mysterious deaths of students.

4.0 105

According to Ben Adams

In the epicenter of the plot is none other than the Devil himself. Ben Adams is a legendary actor who tells this story in his own words. So, the Almighty Demon decides to be in prison. The thing is that he was bored with doing only dark and dirty deeds. He wants to be in prison, where he will tell the truth about himself. Here comes the Devil to the hospital.

4.7 151

Killing Joan

Young Joan Butler makes money in a very questionable way. Working to the leader of the local mafia chief Frank, pretty woman kills people on his orders. To such extraordinary work the girl got used for a long time and treats her as usual routine. Once the heroine of the film meets Anthony. The young man turns out to be a social worker. The guy constantly helps the needy and participates in various charity events. Communication with a new friend has a beneficial effect on the female killer. Gradually, the heroine repents of her actions and decides to break with her former life.

3.0 137


20 thousand years ago when the Earth was a very uncomfortable spot. Here people could die at every step. To feed the same people had to drive the prey and kill it. The young Hunter of the tribe developed had to be face to face with a very dangerous and hostile world. He will have to look into the eyes of death and own the most innermost fears. Otherwise, you won't be able to find his way home. From the same place his journey, perhaps, will depend on the future of the world.

7.0 7579


The main events unfold in modern reality, around the guys of the twenty-first century. Computer hero here can be almost every gamer. If earlier we admired the success of athletes in the Olympic tournaments, now the battles unfold online. On the Internet, a lot of toys that are played by millions of careless people, in particular young people.

5.2 138

Forever My Girl

Liam Page is a country musician who instead of marrying his girlfriend Josie, rushed for fame and fortune. But one day he has to return to his hometown for the funeral of his best friend. And here he re-encounters Josie, his one true love.

6.6 6193


By bad chance, a young family perishes on the street during a gangland killing. The mother was the only one to escape death. And since that day her main goal is to make a speedy recovery and have her revange upon anyone even halfway involved in the undoing of her family. She has no pity for those who has once shown no clemency to her own. Over the course of several years, she was step by step killing the culprits, among whom there were not only bandits.

6.5 33227

Mission of Honor

At the beginning of World War II pilots 303rd Polish Squadron join the aerial battle of Britain. Once outcasts in a foreign army, faced with mistrust and neglect British officers, they heroically resist to a pressure of Hitler, who had already conquered their homeland.

5.9 2126


Born in the seedy, underground world of prostitution, the fifteen-year-old Ball saw nothing else. Her mother-an old professional in the field of escort services. She sees the opportunity to earn a lot of money in her daughter. After a serious background with her mother's former boyfriend, Shara was alone in Los Angeles.

7.0 2641

Cocaine Godmother

The life story of Colombian drug Lord Griselda Blanco. On her life path Griselda faced many difficulties, not only in business, but also in the family. However, this did not prevent her from becoming one of the largest criminal authorities of the state of Florida 1970-1980-ies.

5.6 1431

Ridge Runners

When a 12-year old girl goes missing in a small American town, detective Rachel Willow discovers that something terrible lies at the root of this crime. It's something that is seemingly impossible in such a close community and seems unthinkable in the 21st century. It's human trafficking.

3.9 135

Pass Over

It was an ordinary summer evening. There were no signs of trouble. Two young, black guys decided to walk around the busy city, look for new friends to talk. They didn't do anything. The guys didn't have a job. They tried to kill time so as not to be bored. The topics of conversation were politics, culture, sports.

5.7 505

Lean on Pete

Lonely teenager Charlie, goes in search of his last relative - a long-lost aunt in the company of a stolen horse. He is waiting for a dangerous and sad journey on the way to a simple dream of home.

7.2 8251

The Polka King

This tragicomedy tells the good and true story of the rise and fall of Polish emigrant Jan Levan, from the purposeful shop owner in the 70's to the undisputed leader in the early 90's. Levan pursued the American dream by any means necessary, robbing investors and bribing officials, he was able to build a personal musical Empire. And it became known worldwide as the Polka Ponzi scheme...

5.9 6987

The Second Coming of Christ

In the maelstrom of events is a woman scientist who is an ardent atheist. She does not believe in the Jesus Christ. Her name is Beatrice Sulfur. She studies insects and is a leading entomologist in the world. At that time, an irreparable disaster is happening on the planet. A well-known Corporation for the cultivation of genetically modified products has created a drug that adversely affects the animal and vegetable world. Livestock die at an incredible rate, and plants do not yield and dry up at the stage of germination. Numerous complaints and threats fell on the company's executives and officials. The world is gradually preparing for the second coming.

4.7 320

Time Will Tell

In the center of the plot is the girl named Kim. Her life is unlucky. Having experienced great stress in childhood, Kim constantly returns to these moments, and one day learns that she is able to see the past. The girl is terribly afraid of her father, who soon is to be released from prison. To prevent this, Kim is looking for new threats and dangers, trying to cause her unusual condition.

5.6 62

First We Take Brooklyn

A crime drama about people who, once stumbled in their lives, make attempts to change their fate, which does not always work for those for whom crime has become an integral part of its existence. One of them was the main character. Mickey Levy made serious crimes and then went to jail in an Israeli prison. The sentence was relentless: life imprisonment. The rest of his days the man had to spend in prison. But suddenly for Levi luck smiles him.

3.8 363

Beast of Burden

When it is urgently necessary to find a large sum of money, everyone understand that it is necessary to address the bandits, distributing drugs and to cross the line of the law. Sean's wife is sick and she needs an expensive operation in the shortest possible time. To find the right means, they came to the leader of the local group, who immediately offered him to become a courier. He had not yet realized that this would be an extremely dangerous task. Starting to delve into the essence of the task, the man met his old friend, who is now in charge of just this gang. Now the guy has a choice, to be a criminal or try to get income, and merge the band to the authorities.

3.6 2113

Molly's Game

Molly Bloom called Princess of Poker. She has built the most expensive underground Casino in Hollywood. Every minute here went all-in pinup, sheikhs, billionaires. Big money smell blood. How to survive when you hunt, the mafia and the FBI?

7.5 101139

Call Me by Your Name

Film events evolve in the sunny Italian coast in the summer of 1983 year. It seems these heavenly places created for relaxation, breathtaking views and warm sea features. For several months the holidays here comes Elio-young man whose next school year will be final. The protagonist spends time on a huge Villa. Elio likes scientific disciplines and reads a lot. While relaxing on the beach, watching in hd, he meets an attractive girl named Marcia. Babe was delighted with high intelligence and tries to charm the guy who she liked. Time and place have a rapid novel. A few weeks pass in an atmosphere of happiness and it seems that this novel will be continued. However, in the case of a young man intervenes Oliver who settled next to the main characters. Now, they spend their time enjoying the threesome of the long-awaited freedom and insouciance. Soon, to his great surprise Marcia sees hints of two guys on a mutual attraction that explicitly navigates the scope of friendly communication. Matures custom love triangle, where everyone wants to be with your loved one and is willing to fight for it.

7.9 148640

Honey: Rise Up and Dance

Skyler is still very young and she has just started doing street dancing, while her sister Tosha is a real professional. And Skyler needs to get on the same team where she dances - this will give her a chance to become a College scholarship holder. The girl is determined, only with the support of her family, and even her boyfriend thinks that she has no chance. It's because Skyler's manner of dance was too straightforward and rude, and her performances look very bad.

5.2 421

The Outsider

Mid-50s of the previous century, Osaka, Japan. Nick Lowell is among other prisoners of war. Now he is in prison, designed exclusively for the detention of recidivists and especially dangerous criminals. It is extremely difficult for a citizen of another country to survive in inhuman conditions. In addition to the hatred of jailers, the prisoner has to deal with the hostile attitude of the Japanese convicts to the Americans.

6.3 15599


Joe Brain was a forester for several years. He lived in a mountainous area on the border of America and Canada. He has a beautiful wife and children, whom he loves madly. They live a quiet and peaceful life, and did not cause inconvenience to others. The family try not to climb into other people's lives. But once everything in their lives changes. A brutal gang of drug dealers appears in their quiet town. They are going to catch wild animals and engage in their resale. At that time, they had no idea that the site was under close supervision and Joe would not give offense to those, for whom he cared for all these years. Part of the forest thicket is a place where there is a relentless struggle between Forester and criminals. Each of them is ready to fight to the end and is not going to give up.

6.1 21959

Golden Exits

The main character of the film is a young girl named Naomi. At the age of twenty-five, she decided to change her place of residence. The girl chooses a noisy New York and move there. At that time, she had only one friend. They were very close since the childhood. Now Buddy became an adult, got married and has a family. Naomi needs a job and she is searching for a place to stay. Naomi finds a place with a man named Nick. He is compiling the archive of his father-in-law, who is no longer alive.

5.8 1395


Malcolm got a psychological trauma in his childhood and was diagnosed as a mentally unbalanced child. The reason of his trauma is school. The boy grew up disadvantaged in the rights and freedom of the individual. It couldn't last for long. The young boy was filled with hate and anger to the world. And sooner or later it had to destroy people. And here's the x-hour has come. The boy grew up and became a physically strong man. Nothing showed he was mentally ill. There was nothing bad or strange in his appearance. But something turned over in the mind of the hero of the movie.

5.2 413

Eat Me

The plot is twisted around not young, but still not old woman. "Eat Me" began to gain many fans after the release of the trailer and some information about the story. It's because the picture affects the possibilities of human endurance, especially mental. And so, the woman lives completely alone in a remote house. She leads a lonely way of life. She rarely goes out and is gradually losing her mind from depression, which is developing her incredible speed.

4.5 180

Irreplaceable You

The movie is about two friends, Abby and Sam. They were very close in the childhood. But kids were separated from the age of eight. Faced with an imminent breakup, Abby teaches Sam how to live while Sam teaches Abby how to die.

6.4 5803

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