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Thirteen-year-old Katee Pine's body, judging by proofs, died as a result of violent death is found in the abandoned mine of the town. Police detectives undertake legal investigation: John Kardinal overcome by demons from the distant past and Lise Delorm born in local French-speaking community.

5.5 252

Killer Mom

"Mummy the murderer" - the extremely topical thriller of the Canadian production. We think, each normal person will agree that parents have to save in every possible way the child from dangers of this mad world and help them to adapt with difficult realities. Education plays very important role, especially at youthful age. But not all parents are concerned by the fate of the children and sometimes put the private life above all. And there was to the main character it extremely topical history. Since the early childhood the heroine remained on care richly in the father. Her mother decided to disappear with the large sum of money and to forget that it has a small child for whom it is necessary to care...

5.2 204

The Omnipotence of Dreams

“It is dark and stormy night. Two strangers walk into a bar.” Unfortunately these two strangers walked into the wrong bar. This is a place where they will meet a crusty old-timer with a …

2.1 16


The man receives a mysterious box in which an awful secret — a nasty being sits. It periodically gets out that to kill somebody.

3.9 683


The man tries to begin new life in Atlantic City by means of the daughter and the new business partner.

4.1 221

Cold November

In a rural solitude in the middle of America twelve-year-old Florence cannot wait for the first hunting for a deer. The family tradition is transferred already by many generations to daughters from mothers, and murder of a deer will mark the beginning of adulthood of Florence.

4.6 143

You Were Never Really Here

The blond teenage girl was gone. There are all bases to believe that she was kidnapped, and now she works in brothel for juveniles. The girl's father, the large politician, employs the former FBI agent to find and save the only daughter. At the retired military following the code of honor, this task does not cause difficulties, he saves the child. Having got out the girl of slavery, he finds out that behind stealing there are influential corrupted people.

6.8 60021

The Endless

Still children brothers Justin and Aaron ran from sect. In 10 years they receive the video message from members of a cult and decide to visit former "family". But, having returned, they understand that nobody sent the cartridge to them, and with this place something is obvious not so. That something otherworldly what sectarians trust in, exists actually.

6.5 17387

The Pale Man

The plot is twirled around the young teacher of literature. Once he is fated will get acquainted with the pale person. And everything has occurred as follows. The teacher drives the car on earlier planned section of the road. Unexpectedly the car becomes deaf as a result of breakage. It is necessary to stop and to cope with the arisen problems here and now.
Indescribably the man gets to the small town. And at it the psychological trauma which haunts it many years has begun to progress. In this Godforsaken place cases of loss of people have become frequent. At present the teacher undertakes investigation of mysterious disappearance of one woman. During the investigation he meets the suspicious personality with pale face.

4.4 216

Cats Kill

Cat, the main character of the movie, lives in the deaf American small village where city tourists periodically come around. Here the girl works as the cashier at gas station and leads an ordinary life. At the same time she was always really mad and a little mad little girl what in the district nobody loved it for. Countrymen dream for a long time that the unpredictable girl left their countries. However Cat, most likely, is not going to leave anywhere. Especially as recently she found a new way to decorate the boring and not remarkable rural life. The cashier seriously was fond of viewing of the most various horror films. However she not just watched these pictures, but also was inspired by them...

2.9 51

The Hollow Child

The girl was lost in a hollow, and then was. The family is happy, but her stepsister notices some strangenesses in behavior of the girl.

4.8 791


Tyler never thought of God, did not put faith in the Lord above all. He just lived quietly, thought of the future and wanted to be happy. When he understood that he found the only, decided to live with it together in the certain house which will become their cozy nest. He was even ready to make Anna the proposal, bought a ring and invited the younger brother to be at a wedding a best man. But it is unexpected for Tyler, the girlfriend refused, and did not want to explain the reason. She escaped, having left the guy in perplexity and confusions. Then Anna returned having told that she is simply not ready even to marriage. Before her eyes there was a bitter experience of mother. Early in the morning at a door the arrived grandmother and the grandfather knocked. They called the grandson with themselves on a mass that he listened to the new pastor. And having seen the unfamiliar girl, were revolted with sinfulness of their communication. And what he creates with the life now it, on their belief, the present is evil.

3.0 48

Cinderella the Cat

Little Miya grew up by the huge Megaride ship, more than 15 years moored in the port of Naples. After the death of the father the girl will remain with the angry stepmother and her artful daughters. Her father, the wealthy scientist, carried away the mystery of control of the vessel and a dream to revive the port of Naples which fell into decay in a grave. In decline and the city where with everything the ambitious drug dealer Salvatore Lo Giusto known as "King" fills. On conspiracy with the stepmother it puts inheritance about anything not suspecting Koshki-Zolushki (so nicknamed the girl) in drug trafficking.

6.8 589

Paranormal Evil

Heroes of the fantastic thriller "Paranormal Angrily Online", brothers Justin and Aaron, being children lived in the religious community where, as well as all other "brothers and sisters", worshipped an unknown being, without asking a question of sense of the belief. But the they became more senior, the more clearly understood that life of their "family" significantly differs from that that ordinary people conduct. Especially those mystical rituals which were necessary attribute of existence of sectarians frightened brothers. Becoming is more senior, all of them realized more clearly that all of them do not want to be a part of it, and as a result decided to leave sect.

Brothers managed to find the place in the world of ordinary people, memories of the past were erased from their memory. But, as it appeared, they were not forgotten by members of community. After several years of normal life brothers received the message from former "relatives" who invited them to return. In case of disobedience they are waited by a cruel penalty. Justin and Aaron decide not to pay attention to an appeal, but soon notice the signs indicating approach of a serious trouble. Young people do not want to come under influence of sectarians, but to defend the freedom becomes too dangerously.

2.1 59

A Deadly View

Future mother, Rachael, moves with the husband to the quiet suburb in hope for quiet and happy life. However soon Rachael notices that neighbors behave suspiciously.

3.3 197


it is history of two girlfriends, it is from the town near Connecticut. Once heroines had to leave for several years. Two years of the girl later meet and decide to restore the friendly relations. However, having begun to communicate again more close, girlfriends realized that both of them much in what changed. But as far as opening, as that surprised both, and another are capable of the real murder of the person now. What will the current communication of two girlfriends turn back?

6.7 21994

The Good Nanny

When strong-willed Summer Pratt takes a job at a beautiful estate as the new nanny to a sweet but sad little girl named Sophie, she soon starts to suspect something is very wrong with the …

5.4 417

Deadly Delusion

The film director Suma presented to the audience the fascinating American thriller The Lease which keeps in suspense till the end. In the center of the subject line there is a girl with problems by the name of Julia. The heroine plans to start life afresh. The poet she moves with the beloved to Los Angeles. Having arrived in the new city, the couple moves to the new house. And there already absolutely inexplicable things begin to happen to heroes. Soon the girl begins to understand that what before her disturbed on the last residence, lives also in the new house now. Whether Julia will be able to get rid of these demons?

5.1 208

The Post

History of Catherine Graham, the first female publisher of the Washington Post newspaper, and editor Ben Bradley. They enter a race with New York Times for the right to shed light on the state secrets disappearing more than 30 years. Journalists should overcome the disagreements and to risk career and freedom that the world learned the truth.

7.2 99661

Before I Wake

The young couple which lost the little son has the second chance of happy life when they take from wonderful eight-year-old Cody's shelter. For the reason unknown to them he very much is afraid to fall asleep at night, but soon it turns out what put in an unusual gift of Cody — while it sleeps, his dreams come to life. Every night to new parents either fine visions of his imagination, or chilling generations of its nightmares can be. And these nightmares — are deadly.

6.2 31167


The company of wealthy teenagers has a good time and earns by the fact that it carries out Internet broadcasts of the sex parties with the use of drugs. However friends do not know that all their broadcastings are watched by the religious fanatic who is going to clean the Internet from a sin.

2.9 169

Dark Meridian

To remain completely honest cop sometimes happens extremely difficult. Many temptations interfere with it. When Spencer Salino came to work to police, he was a romantic and the idealist. Soon the guy saw life in other foreshortening. Spencer did not become the burned bastard. A little corrupted cop who differs from the colleagues a little. Sometimes for a certain fee of Salino did small favors to certain criminal structures.

One of bosses of underworld asked the detective to observe a warehouse where at it allegedly there take place important negotiations. When Spencer drove up to the necessary room, saw alarmed Davy. This guy is a son of the criminal boss. Davy reported that he heard firefight in a warehouse. Salino entered inside. As it is told in the movie "Black Meridian", on a floor several dead people lay. From Davy it was succeeded to learn that people of his father brought there is nobody Patrick. This man works for the competing group. Patrick probably managed to get out and now he wants to lay out everything to the owners. Then cruel gangster war will begin, and Spencer cannot allow it in any way.

5.7 348


During the entertaining trip the company of teenagers has an accident. The car flies to a ravine, and the escaped people remain locked in the turned car …

3.3 491

Bird Box

The storyline of this picture wrapped around a single mother from whom at the hands of two minor children.In the story "bird boxes" around the planet began strange things going on.The thing is that people are starting to go crazy, seeing if something incomprehensible.People are killing each other.Our heroine embarks on a journey in search of survivors who are not affected by this epidemic.The beauty of this situation is that in no event it is impossible to look at the things around, no matter how attractive they are.

6.7 131537

The 12th Man

The group of fighters of the Norwegian resistance receives a task to reach the northwest Norwegian coast on the vessel "Brattkholm" and to commit diversion on one of the German aviation bases. But the mission came to grief in the sea: the vessel was attacked by the German ship and sunk. Jan Bolsrud was the only person who managed to escape. He manages to reach the coast and to run towards the Swedish border. Pursued by Gestapo, Bolsrud looks for a shelter in mountains. Here it is overtaken by a blizzard, he hides in a cave which appears a deadly trap.

7.4 8969

The Beautiful Ones

The gangster from family of the mafioso falls in love not with that woman. During gang issues and the partition of the territory he should apply all the abilities to save it from people whom he once called brothers.

4.4 117


Amanda desperately looks for work and once she is lucky: the woman finds a vacancy in hotel of the small town. However Amanda does not know that on it her luck comes to an end. Fight, but now — for survival is necessary to her again.

3.6 391

Coffin 2

Tric is among five paralyzed hostages. So far the FBI agent and the former detective use all possible efforts to find them, the group of unfortunate tries to be chosen and avoid awful death.

4.2 2958


During the zombie apocalypse at the man the wife perishes, and he remains with the daughter baby. But he was bitten too, and now the father had 48 hours to manage to find trustees for the baby.

6.3 23208

Open Water 3: Cage Dive

Three American students decided to write down the extreme rest on video: deep-water immersion in a cage to a big white shark in South Australia. A cheerful adventure — such entertainment it seemed for friends. But the catastrophic turn of events sorted things out: friends appeared in the high sea alone with a big white shark.

4.1 2889

Dark River

Alice Bell is forced to lead a nomadic life for as much as fifteen years. And behold, the heroine of "Dark River" will return to the native land. The fact that her father-rapist walked away into another world. He left his children a good legacy, which will certainly excite your serious war. The thing that Alice's brother all this time took care of the father.

5.7 1870

Bonded by Blood 2

Notorious "Guys from Essex" are succeeded by group of criminals, young and hungry to the power. They call themselves friends and many blood shed together, but is ready to betray each other at the first opportunity when on a game there are their personal interests.

5.9 1021

Blood Money

The resourceful businessman Miller decides to begin new life on the money stolen from the client. Everything went according to the plan while, happy-go-lucky, money does not vanish in backwoods and falls into hands to three friends, travelers in these parts. Miller will not stop before anything to return what belongs to him.

4.5 1487

Double Lover

The young and fragile beauty Chloé (Marina Vakt) suffers from a constant depression in this connection she decides to resort to the help of psychotherapy. Soon the girl meets the attractive psychoanalyst Paul (Jérémie Rainier) who helps it to get rid of an illness. However along with it Chloé understands that it is imperceptible for itself fell in love with Paul. Their feelings are mutual, but when couple begins to live together, the girl finds out that her beloved at all not that for whom gives itself.

6.2 7836


The driver working for criminal groups after not really smoothly last robbery is forced to escape from persecutors in the car with the stolen money.

6.4 12960

The Strange Ones

Two brothers face series of mysterious events, traveling around the remote American areas. Serene, at first sight, rest opens a tangled and dark web of secrets.

5.0 1776

The Ghost and The Whale

The movie tells a story of Joseph having bipolar disorder of the person who went to the sea together with the darling once, and returned back, to the sleepy town, already one. His spouse Annabel completely disappeared, and the destiny her remains to the unknown. A year later the famous journalist Ad Hale comes to the city to try to get into the mysteries of history which happened to Joseph. However the hero fell into serious condition of psychosis in which the hysterical mania alternates with melancholy. Often he finds a shelter only in the company of the only friend — Grey Keith.

To understand local customs and customs, Ad resorts to the help of the local — Mitch who is eager to become the writer. And meanwhile, having stayed ten years in prison, Jack, the most cruel of brothers of the wife of Joseph, with great desire to revenge comes back home. Ad and Joseph have to find as soon as possible the truth in dark business of disappearance of Annabel to present it to Jack before that buries both of them.

4.3 199

Awaken the Shadowman

The quarreled brothers are reconciled after mysterious disappearance of their mother. They suspect that behind it there is certain supernatural force and that something can be behind them.

4.4 1565


The family which is fenced off from the world around involves the famous expert in occult sciences to pull out the son from the ominous sect obsessed with a cult of violence. But in attempt to stop process of capture of his mind, the family is locked in a country house in the depth of the wood in an environment of the ruthless sectarians who decided to return the gone member of the sect.

4.7 2212

Most Beautiful Island

The emigrant Lyusiana tries to survive in New York. The woman cannot come back home and does not want therefore she grabs any opportunity to earn — to distribute leaflets on the street, nurses other people's spoiled children. Once the Russian girlfriend Olga offers lungs, at first sight, money. It is necessary to accompany guests at a party for the high fee, and Lyusiana agrees with pleasure.

5.6 2181


As a result of the failed business the private detective receives the taintsvenny ominous book diary in the order. He decides to read it and, without suspecting that, involves himself and the daughter in deadly fight fight for their lives and souls.

5.5 835

Jeepers Creepers III

23 years ago Gayler Brendon lost the son Kenny who was gobbled up by an awful monster, and now lives in the remote house together with the granddaughter Eddison. When in the district the monster on the infernal van appears again, Gayler is the son and says that that will return to take away the property which Kenny dug near the house. In the same time the sheriff who was already earlier dealing with the flying sharp-clawed monster tries to organize local police to put an end to these excesses.

4.0 13586

Devil's Whisper

15-year-old Alejandro Duren seeks to become one of Catholic priests. But once Alex finds a mysterious box and involuntarily the evil ghost releases. The hero has to find a way to defeat this ancient demon tormenting people from the very beginning of times until it destroyed his and his relatives.

4.2 491

Deadly Detention

Five typical teenagers serve sentence after lessons in the place not absolutely typical for this purpose. Not only that an after-school club to them not to liking, so also several hours later it it is necessary to face something strange and unclear. Whether school students will be able to get out of jail live?

4.1 180

Escape from Ensenada

In the center of a plot of a picture there are two girlfriends who decide to visit Mexico on the forthcoming vacation. But during rest they are kidnapped by members of criminal gang who expect to receive solid repayment as those blabbed out wealth of parents for girls. However villains did not consider that one of students represents the dangerous opponent. She quite skillfully handles weapon so thieves should learn on themselves that the anger of the girl who fell into a trap, but ready for everything for the sake of survival and rescue of the girlfriend means.

5.5 520


The group of teenagers decides to stop motorists and force them to participate in the real car racing further. Owners strength of mind are waited by something unusual. But not fair rates lead to consequences where one of participants for the sake of revenge decides on the most desperate act.
At the time of another race, two cars collide and one of drivers perishes. But, he comes back, only in shape of the ghost. He appears in a black car and begins to revenge for own death. One by one bastards died after the meeting with a ghost. But here is how only business reaches the chief criminal, events are developed in a different way. Something occurs not according to the plan, now the malefactor should get out of current situation.

3.5 335

By Any Means

The celebrity appears in a three-day imprisonment after night issue. During the investigation the police try to find out that is wanted more by the victim: justice or the publication of history on the front page of newspapers.

6.2 1604


On an ancient legend, demons hunt for souls of twins to take control of their bodies in the real world. After loss of one of twins at Mary's families feels constant fear for the second child. But the stronger it fear, the more sharply it is felt by demons, and the closer they to the twin.

5.3 2398

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