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    17-06-2019, 16:10 Views: 698 698 Comments: 0 0

James Wan, who was one of the producers of ‘Swamp Thing’, has no idea why his show was canceled immediately after the premiere of the pilot episode. The filmmaker stated this on his page in one of the social networks. “It is completely incomprehensible to me why they decided to stop the production of the series. We put our souls into it, and I am incredibly proud of it. Be sure to watch the second episode. However, you will remember each one of.....


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Quentin Tarantino in a recent conversation with foreign media said that he plans to get acquainted soon with the fourth part of "The Avengers" movie. According to him, in order to complete his goal, he had to dive deep into the previous parts of the film. As it turned out, the writer-director was most impressed by “Thor: Ragnarok”, which was filmed by Taika Waititi. “For the past four years, I have not watched them. The last films based on.....


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