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Quentin Tarantino in a recent conversation with foreign media said that he plans to get acquainted soon with the fourth part of "The Avengers" movie. According to him, in order to complete his goal, he had to dive deep into the previous parts of the film. As it turned out, the writer-director was most impressed by “Thor: Ragnarok”, which was filmed by Taika Waititi.

“For the past four years, I have not watched them. The last films based on comic books that I saw were “Black Panther”, and “Wonder Woman”. Recently, however, I began to watch the Marvel movies to get to the "Endgame". The next one on my list is "Doctor Strange". But, from the movies I’ve seen recently, I admire - “Thor: Ragnarok.” Since the days of Avengers, this is definitely my favorite”, the filmmaker says.

Note that we are talking about the third part of the "Thor", where the famous God of thunder is significantly different from his usual image. Many critics have come to the conclusion that the director has found new facets in the character, making him "more humane."

Tarantino recently completed work on his film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” which will be presented on silver screens this summer. Also, the film was announced in the program of the Cannes Film Festival.