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Hubie Halloween

An eccentric and simple — minded Salem resident, Hubie Dubois is a shop owner who works every year to ensure order on Halloween, despite the sarcastic taunts from local residents and police officers. While preparing for the holiday, Hubie notes two suspicious characters at once: his new neighbor Walter, who is extremely uncomfortable in the moonlight, and Hartman, who escaped from a psychiatric clinic. The vigilant law enforcement officer immediately reports his suspicions to Sergeant Steve Downing, but does not receive any help from the police officer, so he decides to restore order in the city on his own, not yet suspecting what kind of difficulties he will face.

5.2 19950

Hotel Transylvania 2

The count Dracula marries the charming daughter to the guy from the world of people, and at the young "mixed" couple the son is born. Whether this child will become the person or the vampire?

6.7 92031

The Ridiculous 6

The comedy western will tell story of the man who remained in the early childhood the orphan and grew up in the tribe of Indians Apaches who brought up it and learned in the traditions and laws. The main character known as "White Knife" — the criminal who unexpectedly detects that not one on light: it has five stepbrothers. Having united, they make the decision to find their father who got lost somewhere on open spaces of the Wild West. Here also the real adventures which so fascinating, are how comical begin.

4.8 38185

The Week Of

What could be happier for a parent than to see the wedding of their own child? A week before the event, the fathers of the future newlyweds decide to take the last preparations. Netflix's heroes are completely different people. The differ is not only in their color. They are also quite different in nature. At any time, a scandal can flare up on any inconvenient occasion. However, loving daddies will do everything possible to make their children happy in marriage. And young people very long went to this memorable day. A long candy-bouquet period grew into a touching marriage proposal.

5.1 13110